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December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

His stupid face was the reason why I was I here I just knew it ok. I see him sitting in math class . Behind me of course , he acts like he never met me before because that’s how we concluded it would be in 8 grade on the first day we decided we would never talk about this again what we did over the summer was the past. In that room only 4 people knew what happened (it was a warm summer night isn’t that when these kind of things always happen) and we don’t talk anymore that was my mission destroy my past. Don’t bother with one of my best friend because I know those pity looks he gives me sometimes is because of that night and he will probably never think of me of the same way as he use to a person who could do no wrong. That image was shattered that night. It is right it takes years to build up trust and seconds to destroy it I learned that lesson. That was the idea to let that night fade by me. But I still feel him there he had hurt me and I knew he would probably tell people of it but it didn’t really matter ( that’s my strong vice talking of course my real insides were screaming why did you do that, and when I heard girl gossip about it I wanted to murder him). Chris sat down by me he was my partner in math class and he would as I thought knew everything. He was “its” best friend or one of his friends that he probably told what had happened. Along with almost every guy in my class or all the ones that had decided to pay attention to me in the last year. I was disgusted by him of course. Along with all the other boys who would look at me with the smirk which really meant I’m better than you and the girls look which was of either of disgusted or pity. Either way I was the one who took the blame of course my 3 other friends took of Scot free. That was me and this is my life, until “It” came by my table and left a note.

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