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Angel's Moon

January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter 1.
Books and Hot Cocoa

I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was walking. It was dark outside now, and light flurries were coming down, starting to intensify. I hadn’t bought a car yet, because I just got my license a few days ago, so for now, I was stuck walking to the library. I was going to get a new book, since I read everything on my shelf at home, and already about half the library.

I picked up my pace, still looking only at the ground. That’s when it hit me -- no, that’s when he hit me. I fell backwards, landing on my back. Luckily for me, there wasn’t enough snow for there to be a blanket on the ground yet-I would have been covered if there was.

“Jade?” he asked me, as he put a hand out for me.

“Yeah, it’s Jade,” I said annoyed, for falling.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going-” I cut him off short.

“Neither was I.”

I recognized his voice, but just couldn’t put a name on it. I hadn’t looked up at him until I took his hand and pulled myself off the ground. He was wearing a black beanie with his brown shaggy hair hanging out from the sides. His skin was tanned, almost fake, but I knew it was his natural skin color. His piercing blue eyes gazed into mine, like he was waiting for me to look at his. After I saw his features, I recognized his name.

“Oh, Seth. I didn’t recognize you for a second there. I was just going to the library...” I said, unsure if I would hurt his feelings for not knowing who he was.

“Sheesh, Jade. Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you for not realizing who I was,” he claimed, almost like he could read my mind. When we collided, he dropped his skateboard. He bent down to pick it up. “Can I join you at the library? I need to find a good book,” he asked, and caught me by surprise.

“Sure, that’s exactly why I’m going, but let’s hurry, I’m freezing!” I explained to him, as a shiver was sent down my spine.

“Want a lift? My car is just around the corner,” he offered.

I thought about this for a minute. Could I trust him? The library was just two blocks away, and I figured I shouldn’t really take chances. “Thanks, but I’d rather walk. I’ve been a slouch all day, and I need some exercise,” I tried to keep my voice light. He chuckled at my words. “What?” I asked, unsure of what was so funny.

“You should trust me, Jade. I’m not a serial killer. But fine, if we’re going to walk, lets up the pace here. Walking is so boring.”

“Well sorry I haven’t had time to buy a car yet! It’s only been like three days since I actually got my licence!” I snapped at him.

He mumbled something under his breath, I’m glad I didn’t hear. It was pretty much silence the rest of the way, which was only about two minutes. When we walked into the library, it was nice and warm. I finger combed through my short black hair, to attempt to get rid of some of the melting snow. He put one of his warm hands on my shoulder, and whispered in my ear, “What section should we go to?”

“Fiction,” I responded quickly. To get to this, we had to climb up the stairs, which were curvy and abstract. He smiled at my choice, and showed his perfect pearl teeth. He took my hand and dragged me behind him as we jogged up the stairs. My stomach lurched.

“Hmm...What to chose, what to chose,” I whispered to myself. “I’m going classic,” I said to him, as I reached for Little Women on the shelf. He some how managed to pull out off the shelf before I did, he was quick as lightning. I looked up at him in amazement as he handed it to me.

“Jade?” He asked me.

“Yes?” I said quietly.

“Were you named Jade because your eyes are exactly that shade of green?” he seemed very curious.

“Oddly enough, no. When I was born, my mother said my eyes were a sky blue like yours. On my first birthday, my eyes turned this color. It was weird, ‘cause that day when I woke up my eyes were this color, and the night before they were blue.”

“Strange. Very strange. Your eyes are gorgeous. I’m glad they changed to this color,” he said softly. I looked up at him, smiling. “Not that they wouldn’t be gorgeous if they were blue or anything,” he panicked.

I laughed, louder than acceptable for the library. The librarian shot me a dirty look. “Your funny, thanks,” I said, still chuckling at his nervousness. “What book are you going to pick?” I asked, out of curiosity.

“I’ve decided I want to be a slouch like you for the next week. Forget the books. It’s good to have a break,” he said uneasily. Still clenching my hand, he led me to the librarian.
“Good evening,” the grumpy librarian said. “Can I help you? Not that I feel like it,” she seemed very rude, so I was rude right back to her.

“No, you can’t help me. Come on Seth, let’s go to a different librarian downstairs,” I pulled his hand as I smirked at the librarian.

As we were walking towards the stairs, Seth started talking. “Well that was unexpected. Especially from you!”

“She was rude. I wasn’t going to sit there and take it, Seth. I have more than one side to me,” I explained to him.

“I guess so,” he said.

“I guess so,” I mocked him. This is so awkward. I mean, why was he holding my hand? Jesse’s brother? Am I dreaming? Why me? He wasn’t really friendly at all in school, so why now? I NEED ANSWERS!!!

While I was thinking about all my random questions, he looked at me with curiosity. Then he smirked. This seriously creeped me out. It’s like he knew what I was thinking.

“Hello,” the new librarian cheerfully said.

“Hi, can I check this out?” I handed her Little Women and she nodded. “Thanks,” I said to her.

“Have a good evening, children,” she said. She handed me the book, and I tucked it under my arm.

As we walked away, I scoffed at her words. “Children,” I repeated, like I was chocking. Seth laughed, and I giggled too. I realized Seth’s laugh was very deep. I liked it.

“So, what should we do now, Jade?”

“Whatever you like.” I replied.

“Hmm....” he pondered for a moment. “Want to go get some coffee or hot cocoa or something? There’s that new coffee shop downtown, what is it called...”

“I think it’s called Baker’s Café?” I volunteered.

“Si senorita, that’s it!”

“I’d love to. Shall we?” I said as I lead him towards exit of the library.

“We shall,” he said, enthusiastically.

As we walked outside, I realized it stopped snowing. I pulled out my cell phone, and realized it was only four. It wasn’t as dark, since the clouds started clearing, and there was a neon orange sun setting in the west. The clouds were a pink-purple color, amazing.

“They’re gorgeous,” I whispered, my eyes fixed on the clouds. I looked up at Seth, only to see his eyes staring at mine. I sighed, a lovey - dovey kind of sigh.

“Mhmm...just like you,” he whispered back. I giggled. Of course he would make a silly comment like that, what guy wouldn’t? He chuckled too, understanding why I had a sudden laugh attack.

We started walking towards the café, and I tripped on a rock. Lucky for me, Seth was holding my hand, and pulled me back up before I could hit the ground, or even think about hitting the ground. I gazed up at him, and sheepishly smiled.

“No problem,” he said as we started walking again.

As we reached the coffee shop, I squinted through the window. Just who we needed to see was in there. Jesse. I grabbed my black hat from my bag, and put it on my head, hiding my face. Seth chuckled at me.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered into my cold ear. He let go of my hand, as I walked through the door. I suspiciously looked back at him, but he was gone. Weird.

“Jade!” Jess exclaimed. “What brings you hear?”

“A warm cup of cocoa.”

“Sounds good. Want to join me and Selina? We were just about to order, before we start studying for the biology quiz,” she asked.

“No, no, thanks. I was supposed to meet someone here....” I said, looking around. Jesse’s eyes lit up.

“Who?” she asked, curiously.

“Um...-” I was interrupted by a deep voice.

“Me,” Seth said as he walked up behind me. Jesse looked shocked.

“Oh!” she almost shouted. I laughed.

“Now, lets go get you a cup of cocoa,” Seth said as he pulled me away from the glare of Jesse. From the corner of my eye, I saw Seth glance at Jesse with a sharp face.

“Hi, can I get a cup of hot cocoa, please?” I asked the woman behind the counter.

“Make that two,” Seth chimed in.

“Of course!” I’ll bring it to your table. This Café was relaxing. There was a warm brick fire place, and big cushy arm chairs. We sat at a small circle table with the oversized chairs, and started chatting. Jesse was shooting dirty looks at us. Seth gave them right back. The lady came with a tray and two cups of hot cocoa on it. She also gave us each a little bowl of marshmallows, and a package of cream.

“Enjoy!” she smiled at us.

“Thanks,” we both said at the same time. We looked at each other and started laughing. The kind waitress left us. I started to put a few marshmallows in my hot chocolate. It looked so good! I took a sip.

“This is delicious!” I announced. Seth took a sip, and agreed with me.

“Jade,” he suddenly lowered his voice. “Jesse doesn’t like this. Not one bit.”

“How do you know?” I quietly asked.

He glanced at her and responded, “I can just tell.”

“What should we do?”

“I don’t know. But we need to get out of this shop.” He took his cocoa and stood up, walking towards the counter. I grabbed my hot chocolate, stuffed some marshmallows into my mouth while no one was looking, and walked next to him. “Enjoy!” she smiled at us.

“Thanks,” we both said at the same time. We looked at each other and started laughing. The kind waitress left us. I started to put a few marshmallows in my hot chocolate. It looked so good! I took a sip.

“This is delicious!” I announced. Seth took a sip, and agreed with me.

“Jade,” he suddenly lowered his voice. “Jesse doesn’t like this. Not one bit.”

“How do you know?” I quietly asked.

He glanced at her and responded, “I can just tell.”

“What should we do?”

“I don’t know. But we need to get out of this shop.” He took his cocoa and stood up, walking towards the counter. I grabbed my hot chocolate, stuffed some marshmallows into my mouth while no one was looking, and walked next to him.“Enjoy!” she smiled at us.

“Thanks,” we both said at the same time. We looked at each other and started laughing. The kind waitress left us. I started to put a few marshmallows in my hot chocolate. It looked so good! I took a sip.

“This is delicious!” I announced. Seth took a sip, and agreed with me.

“Jade,” he suddenly lowered his voice. “Jesse doesn’t like this. Not one bit.”

“How do you know?” I quietly asked.

He glanced at her and responded, “I can just tell.”

“What should we do?”

“I don’t know. But we need to get out of this shop.” He took his cocoa and stood up, walking towards the counter. I grabbed my hot chocolate, stuffed some marshmallows into my mouth while no one was looking, and walked next to him. He handed the smiling lady a five dollar bill, and got fifty cents back. He shoved it in his pocket.

“Good evening,” he said.

“You too,” she replied.

I linked my arm through his, and with that, we started heading for the door. The hot chocolate in my hand was so warm, almost burning. I turned my head to look at Jesse. She was my best friend, but at the moment, I didn’t care what she thought.

Chapter 2.
Dealing With A Monster

“You honestly can’t expect me to ignore her,” I told Seth. “She’s, like, my best friend!” I practically hollered.

“I know that-just...avoid her?” He proposed the idea.

“For crying out loud, how in the world am I supposed to do that?” I said, trying to sound disgusted.

“I don’t know, I’m not like you. I don’t think like you. I’m not even part of this world. I’m just going along with life for the thrill. For the ride. I don’t use my head. Use yours. I don’t have a clue about life. I don’t remem-,” he cut himself of short.

“Remember what?” I asked as I sipped my warm beverage.

“I don’t remember....A time I had a problem like this, so I don’t know how to handle it,” he smoothly replied.

“I see. Okay, here’s what I’ll do..” What was I going to do? “I’ll just tell Jess that I bumped into you on the way to the library, and you said you’d meet me here so we could discuss the fine literature of Louisa May Alcott. The author of Little Women,” I said to him.

“Mmm...You are good!” He said to me.

“Sorry, last time I checked I wasn’t a piece of chocolate.” I sarcastically said.

“Well then,” he replied. “I should put It this way. You are good at thinking of resolutions for problems.”

“It’s a talent,” I said dryly.

We were walking quickly, away from Baker’s Café. We were going towards the park, which was just a few streets down. I liked the park. I used to go there all the time as a child. Seth apparently liked it too, because that’s where we were headed. “The park?” I asked him, though I knew the answer.

“ that okay?” He asked, uncertain.

“Of course! I love it there!”

“Me too.”

When we got there, Mollie and Zack were sitting on one of the million benches. They were holding hands, and Mollie was giggling, as always when she was with Zack. They looked up at us, when they heard us walking over the pebble pathway. Mollie was another of my best friends. She gave me a weird look, like I had cuts all over my face.

“Hi,” Seth said. He and Zack were good friends. Just like me and Mollie.

“Hi,” Mollie and Zack said at the same time. They laughed.

“Seth, you picked up a girl? Jade?” Zack asked, between laughs.

“Well, you could say that,” He replied, and winked his right eye at me.

Mollie let go of Zack and pulled me away from Seth’s hand. “Be right back,” she said to them.

“‘Kay,” Zack said.

We started walking towards the swings. When we sat down, she started asking her questions and stating her comments. “Wow...Seth? He’s kinda...HOT!” She laughed at herself, so did I. “So, how? When? Are you dating? Ugh, why aren’t you answering me! Jade! I need answers!”

“Okay, chill! I can’t answer if you keep talking! I was going to the library, we bumped into each other, he came to the library with me, then we got hot cocoa and left ‘cause Jesse is in there and you know how Jesse gets about boys, especially when you’re holding her brother’s hand!”

“Oh! I know!” She said quickly, hoping to here the rest of the story.

“So we came here. Don’t ask why he’s holding my hand. I don’t know why either, but I like it. Answering your when, this afternoon. So far, we’re not ‘officially dating’ but I don’t know.”

“Woah. Pretty intense story there, Jade.”

“I know! So how’s Zack?”

“He’s good. Funny as ever.”

“That’s good. I only want you to be happy.”

“Well, I am. What about you?”

“I’m happy, but I don’t know if Seth and I are written in stone yet. Jesse could get in the way. She can be a monster.”

“Yeah, she can be a monster. Be careful with her. Don’t push her buttons or anything. Seth might get a beating or two, but you’ll be fine,” She advised me.

I laughed. “‘Course he will, Moll! I better call Jesse soon though,” I said as I patted my cell phone in my pocket.

“If you want to call now, I’m totally here for you.”

I sighed, as I dreaded calling Jess. What would I say? I pondered this as I started looking her up in my contact list. When I found her number, I hesitated before I hit talk. The phone was ringing.

“Hi, this is Jesse. I can’t get-”

“Jess, I know it’s you and not your answering machine. Don’t ignore me.”


“Are you mad at me?”

She didn’t say anything. For a second, I thought she hung up. “No...I just don’t see how....when....why?”

“I don’t know either,” I told her.

“Well, whatever. Let’s just be friends.”

“‘Kay. I was hoping you were gonna say that.” I smiled at Mollie.

“You honestly think it was going to be that easy to get past me, Jade?” she snickered.

I didn’t know what to say, sort of shocked. Why should I be shocked though, it was just another Jess move. “Umm...”

“Don’t ever talk to him again. Don’t even look at him. If I ever see him with you I swear I’ll...” she faded off.

“Jess, I-” I was interrupted.

“No. Don’t call me Jess. My name is Jessica. Jes-si-ca,” Harsh. Jessica never told anyone to call her by her real name. Syllable by syllable. Even worse. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

“Fine!” I practically screeched. I shut the phone angrily, and looked at Mollie, balling my eyes out. Mollie looked at me confused. I told her what Jessica said. Mollie hugged me and tried to comfort me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Jess is just angry. It’s okay,” her voice was drowned out by my sobs.

“I....I....I d-don’t even c-care ab-bout S-s-seth! Jess-s-s was so m-mad!” I tried to tell her, but it was hard while weeping and trying to inhale.

“Now, now. Jade, snap out of it so we can talk like humans! Don’t say that! You know that you care about Seth, and Jess will just have to deal with that! She can’t own your life! I’ll watch out for you. I wouldn’t let her touch you, or bother you for that matter. She isn’t Seth, and she isn’t you, so don’t let her pretend she is!” she was trying hard not to let tears stream down her face, but they did. “I’ve never seen, or hear Jess talk like that. Not to one of her best friends, anyway.”

“I know! That’s what hurts the most!” I realized my voice was loud, so I lowered it. “I’m gonna go talk to Seth, before Jess kills me, ‘kay?”

“Sure,” she said as she hugged me.

I got up, and walked towards the guys who were still sitting on the bench, chatting about sports and what not. Mollie was right behind me. Both Zack and Seth stood up at the same time when they saw us teary eyed.

“What’s wrong?” Seth asked, with a nervous look on his face.

“I called Jess..” I started to say.

“Oh. Oh. What did she say to you and Mollie?” I winced as I remembered what she had violently told me.

“She told Jade that her name is Jessica, not Jess, and if she ever looked at you, or talked to you, or was with you, she swore and her voice trailed off. It was harsh,” she explained.

“Wow. Whoa. That’s so... un-Jess?” Zack finally chimed in.

“I know!” Mollie and I both said at the same time. We laughed.

“Come, I’ll bring you home...” Seth started to say.

“No. Don’t you get it? I can’t come home with you. I CAN’T! Jess will slaughter me and you!” I screeched, forgetting about my audience of Mollie and Zack.

“Jade, please...” he began.


“Seth, I’ll bring Jade home,” Mollie practically whispered.

“No! I want to go home by myself.”

“‘Kay,” they all said at the same time. They sat down on the bench, and I walked away.

My curfew was nine o’clock tonight. It was a school night. I already did all my homework, so I figured I would hit the mall. Usually, I go with Jess or Mollie, but I wanted to be alone right now. I started running towards my house, which was about a mile away.

Deep breaths were filling my lungs. My heart was beating a little faster than normal. My hair was waving behind me, like a flag flailing in the wind. My bag in my hand felt like it wasn’t there. Whenever I ran, I thought of the poem “The Rider”. The first stanza rang in my head:

A boy told me
if he roller-skated fast enough
his loneliness couldn’t catch up to him,

the best reason I ever heard
for trying to be a champion.

I felt like replacing the word loneliness with rage, or sorrow. As soon as I thought this, My heart beats picked up. My breathing was unsteady. I was used to running, since I play on the school’s basketball team. This was abnormal. Maybe I was just nervous.

Or maybe it was the fact that when I got to my house, a 2009 Corvette ZR1 was sitting in the driveway. Red. I think I choked on my spit. There was a big blue bow rapped around it, and a card was taped to the bow. I slowly walked over to it, trying not to lose my balance. I opened the card and read aloud to myself.

“Jade, you deserve this car 100%. Keep up the good grades, and surprises like this could show up more often. We love you, Mom and Dad.”

I looked over the car, walking up and down it, brushing it with my left hand. I suddenly burst into a run towards the front door. I turned the nob with out slowing down my pace, and found out the hard way it was locked. I was hurled into the golden brown double doors, and fell back on my butt.

“Ow...” I said pushing myself off the ground. I nonchalantly reached into the mail box for the spare key. When I pulled it out, it wasn’t the house key. I little blue bow was taped onto the black part, and I knew what it was. I walked back to the car and ripped the big blue bow off of it. I crumpled it in a little ball and threw it at the door.

Chapter 3.

I unlocked the car door, and sat inside, clicking the key into the ignition. I put the car in drive, and started to push on the gas petal. I lifted my foot up as soon as the car moved. It was so...smooth!

I pushed down the gas petal again, and pulled out of my long driveway. The whole way to the mall, I was thinking about my car. It was beautiful. It was blood red. It was the best “you just got your driving license gift” ever!

I pulled into the enormous lot of the mall. Driving at a sluggish ten miles per hour, I traveled through the rows of cars, looking for a spot. I found one close to the mall entrance, and pulled in perfectly. Not bad for a first try, I thought to myself. I practically hugged the wheel, before I pulled out the key. I opened the door, and walked out into the open.

It smelled like trash. Gross. I started running towards the mall, carful not to trip on the scuffed up sidewalk. I slowed when I got to the mall doors, remembering what happened just a few minutes ago. I yanked the door open, and walked inside.

A tall man came walking towards me. “Hi, can I interest you in this skin nourishing lotion? It helps your dry skin...” his voice trailed off as I walked away, totally ignoring him. I was in no mood for nonsense.

I was headed straight H

The author's comments:
Stephanie Meyer, and S.E. Hinton inspired me to write "AM" as my friend and I call Angel's Moon. Thanks for reading!

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