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The Prophesy: Ember's Story

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter 2

There was an uneasy silence around the dinning room table. Ember wanted to say something, but didn't know what. She didn't know how to bring the subject up. Just come out and say,"Was I adopted?" No, because then her parents would ask,"What makes you think that?" and she wouldn't know what to say. Her father suddenly spoke. "Why so quiet Ember? Is something wrong?" Of course her parents would know something was wrong. After all,l Ember was naturally a very talkative person. "Actually, there is. Where was I born?" She asked. "Why right here in Augusta. Why did you want to know?" her father asked. Ember racked her head for answers. "Oh, someone just asked me where I was born today and I didn't know. That's all." she answered. She looked over at her mom. Then, she thought of something. "Where's my birth certificate?" A look of utter horror crossed both her parents' faces for a quick momentthen disappeared, but she hadn't missed it. Her father gave her a look she couldn't comprehend. "Why?" "I need it for school." she answered simply. "We'll take it up to school on Monday." he answered. "Why?" she asked. Her mother smiled sweetly, but she could see the nervousness lying beneath it. "Because we wouldn't want you to lose it, sweetie." her mother answered. Or do you not want me to see it?" Ember argued back. A loud smack came from her father as he slammed his hands on the table and quickly stood up. "Dammit, Ember! What are you trying to imply?" he yelled. "I want to know the truth because you're not telling it to me!" she yelled back. His eyes squinted. "The truth about what?" "The truth about whether or not I'm your biological child or not." she said fiercley. Her father became rigid. Her mother's eyes became wide and a look of shock crossed her face. Everything was quiet, but only for a moment. "To your room, Ember!" her father ordered. "No! I want to know the truth, and I want to know now!" she ordered back. Her mother touched her father's hand. "I think its time she know, dear." her mother whispered. Her father sat down. "Ember, sweetie, please know we love you very much, but no, you are not our biological child. I am infertile, incapable of having a child. You were left on our dorrstep fifteen years ago. We tried to find your true family, but we couldn't, so we adopted you." "so, you've lied to me for fifteen years?" Ember screeched. Neither parent said anything at this. Ember pushed herself from the table. "Excuse me." she mumbled. She walked to her bedroom and threw herself onto the bed. Her vision was true! She was adopted! She was furious at her parents. How dare they lie to her for fifteen years! But the anger soon passed and sadness over took her. Her real parents had abandoned her. They had never even wanted her to begin with, and they never would, but hust as quickly as the sadness had come, it was gone and replaced by fear. If part of her vision was true, then wat about the rest?

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on Dec. 14 2021 at 12:39 pm
TessaDreamAuthor_3000 PLATINUM, Tomball, Texas
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Oh my gosh. this was great, but I don't know where to find Chapter 1. hehe, mind helping me, guys?

on Dec. 1 2011 at 2:47 pm
JasmineNoelle1 BRONZE, There Is No Need To Know This !!!, Texas
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omigosh this is so good!!!! Good job

on Nov. 28 2011 at 6:29 pm
TheNerdGirl PLATINUM, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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why did you start in chapter 2

on May. 5 2011 at 1:11 pm
TheBlackRose BRONZE, Madrid, Other
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Really impressive ending!! Continue the story please!

on Mar. 13 2010 at 12:46 pm
SarClark BRONZE, NC, Connecticut
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