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High School Changes 2

January 15, 2009
By Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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I opened the door slowly revealing a darkened living room. Most of the furniture was dark colors so I could barely see it. I shut the door quietly and walked down the hall. Two doors away I found her bedroom. Her door was open and I walked into her room and laid her down on the bed softly. Turning to leave something grabbed my hand stopping me from leaving. I turned to see what had grabbed my hand and it was Sara's, eye's closed holding my hand. As I tried to leave again her grip tightened. "No," Sara mumbled quietly. I sat on the floor next to her bed listening to her talk in her sleep. I pulled my shirt over my head messing up my hair. Rolling it into a ball I laid it on the floor using it as a pillow. As sleep came near I heard her talk about me. "Daviann," she whispered in her sleep, "I …" I never got t hear the rest of it as sleep consumed me.

I woke up as the sun's light entered through the window. Turning around to look outside I noticed the room wasn't mine before the window entered my site. It took me a while but I realized where I was. Getting out a bed a bit drowsy I tripped over the blanket making it wrap around my feet. Slipping out of the blanket I quickly put my shirt on and stumbled out of the room. Making my way silently down the hall I opened the bathroom door. There was a scream and looking up I saw Sara cover herself with the shower curtain. Quickly I left the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Eyes wide open I sat on the floor next to the bathroom door. I closed my eyes as my face turned red realizing what I did. Resting my head on my knees I petted the black cat that was purring next to me. My head darted up as the bathroom door opened and Sara walked out wearing just a towel. Quickly looking away as Sara walked in front of me going to her room. I got up slowly and walked to the living room, not having to use the bathroom anymore, and sat on the couch. The cat jumped on my lap as I laid my hand on its head stroking it mindlessly.

She walked out of her room looking at the floor. Sitting next to me she petted the cat her hand barely touching mine. Getting up I sat the cat her lap and walked to the kitchen. She said nothing, it was the way we communicated. We just sort of knew what each other were thinking, I guess that's why we were friends. Opening the cupboard I pulled out two bowls and se them on the counter. Taking a box of cereal off the fridge I sat it on the counter and took the milk out of the fridge. Silently I poured some cereal for us. Sitting next to her at the table I handed her a bowl and in silence we ate our breakfast. As I was almost finished with my cereal there was a knocking at the door. I looked at her and she ignored it. After a while the knocking stopped and the door knob started to turn. Then out of nowhere Sara tripped me out of my chair and under my table. I sat there quietly and watched as Sara's parents came into the house.

"Morningorning Sara," Sara's mom said as she walked down the hall.

I got out from under the table and walked to the door. Sara was beside me as I walked outside. "See you later," I said. Before the door closed Sara kissed my cheek and looked away. I didn't mind, she always did things like that. Heading down the stairs I looked at the park across the street, then toward my favorite tree. I crossed the street and starred at the giant tree in front of me. I walked up to it and started to climb. I found my branch, it was wide enough to fit at least two people on it and it was sturdy. Getting comfortable I laid down on it.

"Found you," said a laughing voice. I looked down to see who said that but I saw nothing. Relaxing I closed my eyes just enjoying the moment. Then I heard laughing above me looking up I saw her. Brown eyes starring at me with a smiling face.

I closed my eyes. "And you are?" I asked in a tone that made it clear that I didn't care. I waited but got no answer then I felt the branch shake. My eyes shot open and the girl stood in front of me.

She hit my head and smiled. "I'm Sam," she laughed as she sat down.

"And you know me how?" I questioned back to her.

"Your brother," she said as she looked down from the branch. The fall was pretty long and I was sure you would break something.

I twitched at her answer. Not many people knew my brother and even fewer spoke of him.

.................. to be continued

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