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The Shadow Room

April 11, 2019
By 3077028 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
3077028 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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Once there was an 11-year-old boy. He was very rebellious and never listened. He saw a rather strange room in his house. Befuddled, he was tempted to see what was inside. However, the door had caution tape around it and a sign that read “DANGER! DON’T ENTER! UNSTABLE ROOM!” But no sign was going to stop the boy. He opened the door and he saw only a mirror. He began to dance around until his reflection stopped, even though the boy was still dancing. The reflection’s skin began to peel off and decay, revealing a cloud of black smog that was taking on a human form. When it had reached its form, glowing pink eyes began to take on. A purple flame engulfed the reflection’s arms and legs. When it had fully taken form, it had begun to talk, even though it didn’t have a mouth

“WeLcOmE To YoUr NiGhTmArE!” The shadow had said in a shaky and creepy voice that echoed the room. “I wIlL cReAtE 6 tHiNgS pEoPlE FeAr MoSt, AnD sOoN, BrAtS lIkE yOu WiLl FeAr ToO!” The shadow said. “FoR mY fIrSt TrIcK, I sHaLl MaKe It HoT iN hErE! PYROPHOBIA!” And with that, a bunch of flaming pillars, the same shade of purple as the reflection’s arm and leg flames, appeared before the boy, each about as thick as a pickup truck. When the boy tried to dash, more and more pillars would be in front of him. Then, fireballs hopped and danced around the boy in a ring-like formation. The shadow’s voice boomed again. “WoUlD YoU LiKe sOmE HoLeS, WiTh ThAt FiRe? I cAn ArRaNgE ThAt. TRYPOPHOBIA!” A giant hole appeared in the ground, and the boy fell in. It felt like an eternity when he finally landed hard on his rear. Tears formed in his eyes. Then, a massive, 40-foot long Boomslang, a venomous snake, appeared around his wrist. The shadow’s voice boomed again “MeEt My PeT sNaKe, OPHIDIOPHOBIA!!” Then the snake began to talk.


“Thisssssss isssssss what happenssssssss when you don’t lisssssssssten! Sssssssso, ready for the nexxxxxxxxt fear? You ssssssscared of needlessssss, kid? Well, too bad. TRYPANOPHOBIA!” Needles began to spew out of the snake’s mouth, and while the boy was able to dodge them, the sneedles shot out faster and became thicker. Then, the snake said “You look ssssscared. How about a tall glasssssssssss of water? AQUAPHOBIA!” Then water came gushing up out of the hole. The boy was submerged under the water. The snake had dissolved away. When the boy came back to the surface, the water disappeared.

“ThAnK yOu, YoU hAvE bEeN a WoNdErFuL aUdIeNcE! HoW aBoUt OnE mOrE tRiCk BeFoRe I gO? LeT’s ScRuNCh ThEsE wAlLs fOr My GrAnD eXiT! CLAUSTROPHOBIA! The walls began to scrunch in. But the boy was prepared. He ran over and kicked the mirror, destroying both the mirror and reflection. The reflection set out, ready to punish the next kid. When the glass shattered, the room became a lovely bedroom. The boy, however, fell on his knees and started to cry. When his parents got home, he said that he would never rebel again. And he never did.

The author's comments:

Remember this, my fellow writers- if you dare to rebel, your time won't be well

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