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The Mysterious Tree Trunk

December 9, 2008
By Anonymous

What a great day we were having! The snow had finally stopped, and we were more than ready to try out the sled Father had just bought us. I’m not sure why we didn’t notice the tree trunk. It seemed to just have hopped into our path bringing along the stubborn chipmunk with it. He neither moved off the stump nor looked our way as the sled slid in its direction. He was acting as if he knew the oncoming sled couldn’t dare collide with him.

I put my foot on the ground and stopped abruptly. Still, the chipmunk didn’t look at me. Suddenly, the chipmunk looked at me and ran towards t he trees. “We should follow it.”, my friend Megan said. So we set off to follow the stubborn chipmunk. Since there was fresh snow on the ground, it was really easy to follow its tracks. Finally, after following the chipmunk for hours, we saw it escape down a very wide tree trunk. “Did you just see what I saw?” Megan asked me. I stared at her blankly. She got the message. We ran towards the tree trunk. When we looked at it, we were confused to find that there was no way the chipmunk could have escaped into the tree trunk. It was solid gold!

This was very mysterious because none of the trees in the forest were solid gold. After proceeding to examine it, we found a little door. Naturally, it was small enough for a chipmunk. So, since we were following the chipmunk, we opened the little door and tried to enter the golden tree trunk. While we were pushing and pushing, I seemed to get stuck. “Go get the butter!” , I shouted to Megan.

While she went to go get the butter, I decided to make most of my situation. I decided to look inside the hole. Oh, it was marvelous! Everything was solid gold. The curtains, the furniture, the bed spread, Everything!

This was strange because it was 2020 and nothing was gold anymore. We had used it all up by 2009. So, how did this chipmunk get all this gold?

Finally, Megan came back with the butter, so we greased me out. “You have to look in there, Megan!” I shouted, “It’s amazing!” She was also aware we had been out of gold for a very long time. She stuck her head in the little hole. “Oh my gosh!” she shouted. The golden house must have been big because I could hear her voice echo off the sides of the walls.

Since I had been greased with butter, we decided to try again. I slipped right through the little door. Megan was very skinny, so she did also. Once we got inside, we realized how big a discovery this was! Even the dirty underwear on the floor was solid gold!

We ran home to report our discovery. Father didn’t believe us so we took him to the forest to show him. We looked and looked. We finally found our footsteps and followed them. Finally, we reached the trunk. This time though, not only was the trunk golden but there was a very valuable ruby out side of the door. We would surely be very rich. So we took them. We had to show him the inside so we stuck our heads inside. We didn’t know then that we were in grave danger. The stubborn chipmunk must have heard us because it jumped up and attacked Father. His face was all scratched up but we managed to get away. We took the gold underwear and the rubies to the bank. Just the underwear was worth a million dollars!

We became millionaires. When the chipmunk was washing laundry, he realized he was missing underwear. Also the last few days, he had been missing some valuable rubies. This mad him so mad that he decided to set up traps to catch the culprits.

Well, Megan and I decided to go and pick up some more gold. We weren’t suspecting anything because we hadn’t seen the chipmunk since that day we discovered the gold.

As we were walking in the forest, we heard some rustling. This didn’t scare us because we knew no one would hurt us. Well all of the sudden, the chipmunk popped out and scared us. He made his noise and a whole army of chipmunks came to take us down. Three hundred took me and one hundred took my friend Megan. They took us to their headquarters.

They bit us and were very mean to us. Finally, to get them to stop, we took them to where we kept them. After they took the gold, we thought our troubles were over. But we were wrong. Very very wrong.

Little did we know the chipmunks had rabies. We got really sick and now we are living on the streets because no one would let us work for us because we had rabies.

The moral of this story was you should never never steal no matter what!

The author's comments:
Well...This was an assignment for school. We were only supposed to write 20 sentances, but as you can tell i got carried away. I hope you enjoy it.

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