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The Constellation's To my Pitiful Life

February 10, 2010
By actorsarecool SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
actorsarecool SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
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"You can be happy, you just haven't found it yet."~ A random stranger.

"Look at all the marvelous stars, Luna.", said Arcturus.

Arcturus and Luna are faternal twins, they had marvelous looks given by the constellations, Luna and Arcturus both had shimmering blond hair as if a halo would appear any moment. The only diffference, look's wise of course was that Luna had gray eyes that you could melt in any second and Arcturus had these ocean blue eyes that you could shore away in. They both were assigned to live here untill they fulfilled their mission. Operation 12W. That may sound rather insignificant,but up in the cosmos they had a certain language they became adapted to. Humans communicated through words and us "higher beings", communicated telepathically. Of course the two adjusted to this life quickly, it was in fact part of the job description.

What did their mission mean? To learn the ways of humans.

That sounds rather simple, but it's controversial. The humans are at a certain time where things are changing and their not all awakened to it.

"So."? Are you excited for the assignment."

"No Luna i'm not, You dragged me into this assignment"!

Arcturus was a human in a different life-time, she was a healer in the Native Caves helping and using her miraculous gift on other beings. People traveled all over the world for her healings. She was murdered one cold, frigid night by her one and true love. Long story short she wasn't to thrilled when I told her about her assignment. I also wasn't very lucky to know that her "lover" was reincarnated again on Earth at this time.

But as I thought to myself, what are the odds that she would see him again. None. I said over and over again, trying to reassure my negative instincts.

"So are you ready for this new life, or what."?

But Arcturus knew the answer to that, she had no choice. It's not like she can back out of an assignment. What's the worse that can happen?

Don't you love this decade?

As she said those words with a sigh it was time to move on with the new and out with the old.

The author's comments:
This is just something that came form the randomness of my mind. So Enjoy!

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