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A Black Room

August 23, 2010
By Munchkinz_rule BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
Munchkinz_rule BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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A black room. A joker’s grin as wide as… doesn’t matter now. What’s this? A face. No it can’t be. No, no. NO. no, it can’t be. I’m in Cincinnati. I know I am. Mission bell…suit cases… hotel. Yes I’m in Cincinnati. But am I mad? Has it been the fifth night already? No. it is only the second. This…this face and clown. Never mind that. It’s midnight. Not the time to worry. but why this? What’s going to happen? Tomorrow. That’s when to think. it is too early for any man. But why now?

I nodded ever so slightly as the blurred light shown in my eyes. My arm was stretched and the pillow fell to the floor. Then I remembered the clash of events that had accured the evening before. And then the imagery. The dream so vivid, so real, it couldn’t be a dream. I now admit my derangement, but those 14 odd years ago the same could not be said. And it started with that night. Those divinations, each were to accure not just as a dream but to my wife then children then all who surround me for more than a moment. Then the knot in my stomach grew a bit tighter. That night it was no longer a norm for life to consist as a rich man’s son but as a prophet. A horrid, naive prophet. And for man as young as myself to see such horror and agony and death. Death. Death was not uncommon after that long thirteenth month. And ‘thirteenth month?’ they questioned me as if they had seen the terror that I had seen on the night that lead me to the end of what all cherish most. And Farley they earned there mortality. I was simply the messenger. I had no intentions of inflicting pain.
“My only wish was to warn and then… then they betrayed me.” I muttered as my lip began to curl.
They locked me in that room. It was that room that drove me to insanity. The only black room in the world with such…de… deprivation. Pitch black. I couldn’t see or hear. This withdrawal made my mind play tricks. Things that weren’t there were, or perhaps things that were there weren’t. All I know is that my isolation and misery was the portal of some form and the messages where simply that. I had no intentions of harm but that didn’t matter. And at first… any time I entered… I came back with a slight variation. At one point my eyes changed color. And the next entrance my dog’s breed was altered. And these modifications seemed insignificant. But as time went on the more intense the changes became and then…. My wife passed and my children… they were non-existent.

They thought I was mad. Truly insane, and at the time, I probably was. But it was their assumptions that really drove me to insanity. Just that room. But, but they were correct about one thing. I was the only being to survive. I was the Alpha and Omega of the apocalypse that accured when I was a newly wedded imprudent.

The author's comments:
it isn't finished just yet but i could REALLY use some feedback. it doesn't fit squarely into the catagory of scifi fantasy, but that's as close as i could get. please read and respond :) thanks

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