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Anna Marie part 2

January 21, 2011
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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Dr. Newman was extremely disturbed, & troubled. He was not a happy man. His most successful and stupendous creation, one he had put his whole life into, one he had worked so hard on for months, escaped before he could ever really finish her off. Before she could be entirely complete, so that she couldn't escape the life he had planned for her. And even if he didn't make her solid and complete, she STILL escaped him, outplayed him so fast he didn't have time to catch her before she could leave. And now all his efforts had left him empty-handed and his marvelous creation was somewhere out there, all alone, out in the world by herself. The horrid possibilities he could envision were endless. Maybe she would discover her natural state, and discover that there was a way to go back to bliss. Maybe she would remember the life she had before he took it away forever. Or someone would remind her. She might crack, she might be destroyed. Or----most of all, perhaps she would discover the way to burn him as he'd burned her. Then he'd have nothing.
Dr. Newman didn't like the feeling of being empty-handed. He didn't like it at all. And he was DEFINITELY not happy with it. So it turned out Anna Marie contained some intellect he hadn't expected, enough to outwit him even. That would just have to mean, that he'd have to lash the whip harder. Go stronger. She wasn't going to escape this time. He wouldn't tolerate it EVER AGAIN.

He was still fuming when the meeting came in the afternoon. The meeting turned him even MORE sour. He was supposed to bring Anna Marie to it, it was supposed to be her first meeting. And now she had run off, and he was left to go to the meeting, alone like the biggest fool. It infuriated him. Smiles, evil or in the sunshine of kindness hadn't played on his face, and wouldn't until he got his hands on her and strangled her until she thought twice about ever leaving him again.

At the meeting, a restricted room in a once abandoned building, all the men were seated around a large table. The meeting was top-secret because they held the world's greatest possession. Or, Dr. Newman HAD, until he let her slip away. In one of his darkest moods, that day, he took his seat off to the side, joining all the other men who were silent and waiting for him. His big presentation of Anna Marie was supposed to be today. But that had gone out of hand apparently.
The man at the head of the table spoke "Dr. Newman, i believe you had something special to show us today

"Yeah" a man at the opposite end of the table interrupted. "You brought us all the way out here on a nice Saturday while some of us had to quit some important errands for this meeting. This had BETTER be good"

The man at the head of the table brought up a hand signaling silence. "Wait, let him explain himself first"

"Yes" another man agreed. "I'm sure there will be a logical explanation for this. Dr. Newman tell us, just what is your reasoning?"
Dr. Newman felt his hands grow clammy, and soon they would be soaked in nervous sweat. He was being put on the spot. Instead of taking center stage in glory, he would take the spotlight as the laughing stock in what was supposed to be the day things would finally go his way. But, he had to speak. He was called to.
He spoke "Hello. i know i was supposed to present to you a lovely creation today, like i promised, but unfortunately, there's been a mishap, and some complications................"
He looked around. A few of the men were shaking their heads in disappointment. Quite a few were losing patience. Dr. Newman felt as though he was losing power, and fast. This was not good.
The head man said "Dr. fail to please us once again. You have wasted my time and my en-trustees as well. And i do NOT like to waste time. Do i make myself clear?" his voice was sharp and carried out, having the same effects as if he'd decided to shout. He was strong, he was the one in power. Dr. N once again felt himself shrinking rapidly. "I'm gonna rip your guts to shreds, Newman you know that?! You brought us all out here for nothing, wasting our energy for YOU because YOU led us to believe that all those months you were working on a creation too spectacular to miss. You got us all excited for nothing"

"It wasn't a lie" Newman replied in a low voice. "I created her and she was success"

"Your a nasty liar, I'll tell ya. Oh, when i get my hands on you-------"

"EDWIN!! CONTROL YOURSELF" headman barked at him. Edwin shut up. His face was crossed. Headman continued "I can only say that I'm sorry. I'm terribly sorry we ever bothered with you, and let you take up our time, to give us nothing. It appears we've made a mistake"
At those words Dr. Newman quickly panicked. "WAIT!! You can't........"
"And why not?"
Time to think of a reason good enough to make him listen. Thinking quickly and holding poise, Dr. N said "because if you give me another chance, i promise i won't disappoint you. i just need some time. i know it's a bit much to ask, but I'll see to it that this never happens again"

"Too late man" one of the men opposite of him muttered. "Your time's out. We're done". Every other man at the table nodded in agreement. Dr. Newman didn't care about them. He looked at the headman in a plead for help.
Headman nodded at him "Very well. If your so intent on this special project then who would i be to not be nice as to give you one more chance? You have 2 weeks. Bring her to us, living proof that she exists"

Dr. Newman breathed in a sigh of relief. The other men glared at him, beyond annoyance.

"BUT" headman continued "if you fail us AGAIN and break yet ANOTHER promise, and you will never see this office EVER again in your lifetime. Hell, not even this room, you'll never see this BUILDING in the daylights of ya, much less set foot in it. You can forget about cooperation with us. One more disappointment, and our deal's off, for GOOD. Now get the hell out of this room before i change my mind. I'm in the shabbiest of moods already"

A smile finally played on Newman's face. Trying to overcome his joy, he replied "That's all i ask. i can't thank you enough"
"GOODBYE Dr. Newman" Headman snapped as his final word. Dr. N didn't care. His satisfaction was fulfilled. As he was about to leave, the jumpy Edwin sitting across from headman yelped "You better watch your words real careful Newman. i think the boss'll let me snap your neck next time you come in empty and leave us hanging like this. Kinda, selfish though, don't you think? Don't even waste a breath. i can already predict your next failure. That's all you are Newman. A real spectacular failure. Now get out of my face. i cant even look at you"

Newman's glee turned ice cold, as his face warped from a grin to a deep frown. His eyebrows arched, he felt himself being riled. Turning to face Edwin, Dr. E. Newman gave him the coldest, most chilly glare he had ever given in his life. His cheeks flamed with anger, turning so red, he was about to explode, his eyebrows arched so low they have reached the boiling point. His body was angled at a point that if he were a tiger, he could easily pounce and rip Edwin to shreds. Oh but his eyes-------they were fuming, and so narrow they were now tiny slits. Pure Anger burned up inside of them, fighting to escape in wrath. And nobody had given him such wrath as Edwin did just then, with a little snide comment, and smirk to top it off.
But holding off his huge urge to deeply hurt Edwin, and punch that smile off his face, until all there was left was a man calling 911 and Ed's carcass flooded with blood. That was Dr. Newman's urge and desire at the moment. But he restrained himself, saying "oh believe you me i made her, and I'm going to bring her back. You better swallow your words"
And as soon as he started out the door, he didn't glance back.

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