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Guard Mission

October 8, 2012
By zadiekatie23 PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
zadiekatie23 PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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The wind whistled through the canopy of gray leaves hanging over his head. He looked up. The SkyPatrol was watching. He couldn't do anything stupid while he was on watch. He wouldn't have anyway, not that being in prison was a bad idea. Being a NoFace, he had absolutely nothing to live for. Nothing to die for, either.

He heard racing footsteps through the brush and he tensed, his muscles freezing in position. The sound passed on his right and he bolted into the darkness, his hand slipping to his SoulSucker. It wasn't the best weapon to use for this sort of “operation”, as it put the RunAways out of their dying misery faster, but it would have to do, as the HeadChief and ChiefAssistant hadn't assigned him any other weapons. It bothered him that they didn't trust him with more than a child's toy.

“Better speed it up Jerkiss,” he heard one of the HumanNoFaces say, and he sensed faltering footsteps to his left. He shot his arm out and came in contact with someone's head, the SoulSucker zapping the kid and lighting his face up in the BrightWhite of quick SoulRemoval and his body fell to the ground, lying motionless in the damp, gray soil.

He knelt down, risking the entire mission as he peered at the boy's face. He turned it over with his ProdStick. It wasn't Jerkiss. He shook his head angrily and rose to find the HumanNoFaces had stayed behind, uncertain of what the deputy might do.

He opened his mouth to ask if Jerkiss was there, but reflexively shut it and took them by surprise instead, bolting into the thick, sightless darkness and grabbing one of the younger RunAways by his hair. He screamed and the deputy smacked a hand over his mouth, but the kid bit right into the soft, pale flesh and he let go, the RunAway kid stumbling into the darkness after his gang members.

One lingered behind. He took his chances and sped towards it, reaching out to grab it and instead stumbling over the WatchCam at the edge of the path and falling into the darkness.

He awoke and found himself tangled within the long, twirly arms of a GrabWeed. He snapped the branches and stood, surveying his surroundings. The HumanNoFaces had definitely done a lot of damage, as far as he could see. The HeadChief and ChiefAssistant wouldn't be happy with him.

He groaned as he felt the ProdStick stabbing into his back, and he pulled it out, the tip already covered in the sticky, purple blood of the NoFaces. He pulled back his protective vest to examine the wound. It was just a little hole with smeary, gooey purple blood pulled across it, like a cobweb. Nothing a MedAssistant couldn't fix up. He started to make his way back to the LodgingCamp when something caught his eye. A GrabGun from the RunAways was lying in the gray soil.

He picked it up and smiled as he hooked it to his WeaponsBelt. This would get the job done.

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