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For Now and Forever Prologue

December 16, 2012
By AllThingsMe BRONZE, Concord, North Carolina
AllThingsMe BRONZE, Concord, North Carolina
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Go stand in the mirror. Did it break? No, because you're beautiful. Go stand on the scale. Did it say error? No, because you're skinny. Look down at your phone. Are you alone? No, because you have me.

"The following parents, please report to Ground V. Elizabeth and William Maddox, Brianne and Remmy Shephard, and Cleo and Brennan Clarie. I repeat, it is time for the following parents to report to Ground V. Elizabeth and William Maddox, Brianne and Remmy Shephard, and Cleo and Brennan Clarie."
"I'm gonna miss you mom." Dakota Maddox was sitting outside of Ground V with her brother, father and mother. This will be the last time she sees her mom. At least she was the brave one. "I'll miss you too, Dakota. And you, Eric." Elizabeth had lived a good life. She was a good woman. But it was her time to go. "I can't let you do this." Dakota's father, William, had a pleading look on his face. "Don't go in there. Let me." Elizabeth had a tired frown on her face. "William, as much as I don't want to, we already agreed I'll be the one." Elizabeth stepped onto the stained bloody plate, dirty from the vicious murders earlier today. William didn't realize he was following her. After he stepped on, the glass doors closed and locked. That was when everything went downhill. "Doors locked. 30 seconds until decease." Dakota’s parents turned around toward them, yelling, crying, slamming the walls. But it was no use. Once the doors were locked, they couldn’t be opened. The robotic voice was getting on Dakota's last nerve. "Let him out!" Dakota was screaming and screaming, but the robotic voice could not hear her. Only her Eric and the other families.
Red curtains swooshed in front of the glass doors, and Dakota and Eric could no longer see their parent's evil fate. "Curtains closed. 10 seconds until decease." Eric was sobbing now. His face red, eyes filled like an ocean. "Dad! Don't go!" They could hear the robotic, somewhat familiar voice, counting down while they heard their parents' sickening cries for help. But help wouldn't come. They knew that deep inside, but decided to forget, hoping their imaginations would come true. They heard a deafening scream then repulsing, revolting cracks. "Task completed. Please exit through the-" The voice trailed on but she couldn’t hear it. Dakota was horrified. Eric was scarred. They zoned out from everything around them. They were now alone, in a world that was never safe. And they knew, nothing could be undone.

The author's comments:
This is just the prologue.

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