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Camp Comedy

March 29, 2019
By oliviaselden BRONZE, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
oliviaselden BRONZE, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Thomas: Hi, Eighth grade! How are all of you today?

David: Oh I’ve been better.

Thomas: Really? Are you ready for Camp Weed!

David: I can’t wait for camp devil’s lettuce!

Thomas: Sure dude, sure.

David: You’ve got this big rash all over your leg!

Thomas: Yeah, it’s only poison ivy, I’ll be fine just ignore it.

David: Oh ok...

Thomas: You know how we’re supposed to use books to read at camp?

David: Yeah...

Thomas: I used books a lot, I would throw them in the fire for fuel.

David: Wow, that’s so smart. I should do that next time my fire is dying down.

Thomas: Bro, have you seen Shane?

David: Shane is so fat, that if he were to walk, he would just start to roll.

Thomas: Well, Camp is fun, fun is difficult, and Shane is difficult. Therefore, Shane is camp.

David: That makes so much sense, bro.

Thomas: Shane is a fun and difficult Camp.

David: How is camp difficult?

Thomas: It’s dark and smelly, there’s mice and bugs everywhere, but worst of all my phone doesn’t even have service!

David: Wow how could they? You can still have fun, though. You can swim and do other activities.

Thomas: Well, remember when we jumped into the Camp lake?

David: I remember… What about it?

Thomas: If only we knew it was Winter.

David: Yeah, that hurt more than I expected.

Thomas: Oh I love to camp! There are mosquitos everywhere, which are my friends, and I also have a fear of bears jumping out at you at any second, so that keeps my blood pumping!

David: Ha ha… me too. Better watch out for those bears!

The author's comments:

I am an eighth-grade student and I worked with half of my classmates on this comedy skit. I revised the skit so it used more elements of humor and was overall, in my opinion, better.

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