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Soul Mates: Selena & Mercusio

April 11, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Scene: Preschool Room
Selena Careen was sitting at the little table coloring a pretty flower.
(a boy walks up to her)
Boy: Hi
Selena: Hi (puts down her purple crayon)
Boy: What's your name?
Selena: Selena Careen. What's yours?
Boy: Mercus Cussios. But you can call me, Mercusio!
Selena: I like it! (giggles)
Mercusio: (giggles)So whatcha doin'?
Selena: Oh, just coloring.
Mercusio: Oh cool!Your flowers pretty.
Selena: Thanks... You can sit down if you want.
Mercusio: (sits down). So what's your favorite color?
Selena: Purple
Mercusio: O my goodness! mine too!What's some of your hobbies?
Selena: I sing and dance
Mercusio: Me too! um... what's your favorite animal
Mercusio: Me too! Ok last question... When's your birthday?
Selena: (shocked by the question) Oh, it's June 3
Mercusio:(eyes get big)...m-my b-birthday is on June 3
Selena:Oh my goodness I've never met someone with the same birthday as me! We have a lot in common.
Mercusio: Yeah!... Wanna be my best friend?
Selena: Sure!!!!!

(They High Five)

The author's comments:
Selena and Mercusio became instant best friends. They celebrate their birthday together every year.

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Awwwww. It's really cute :D