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Hudson River

November 19, 2016
By Anonymous

I looked up the sky, the light blue sky comforted me, as if someone was giving me a warm hug, but nobody ever did. I couldn’t contain the tears, it flowed under my eyes, I wiped it with my bare hands and left the park. I walked out of the park, leaving the soothing and calm scene, that I wish I can have such a peaceful life, but I would be foolish to ever think such life would ever exist. I went to my penthouse in Madison Avenue, right across the park, in New York City. People always say that I’m the luckiest girl on Earth that I’m able to live in such prestigious residence, but they know nothing about me, they know nothing of what happened behind all this glamorous life.
Dad is a corporate lawyer, Mom is the attorney general of the United States, they both graduated from Harvard University, and they both expected me to attend their alma mater. I’m fifteen now, and I was doing an internship at the Department of Justice at that time, not what every fifteen year old would do. I finished high school about a month ago, you heard it right, my parents expected me to finish university by the age of 18, and now I was applying to go to Harvard, not that I want to. It’s not that I’m not grateful of what I have, but just like any 15 year-old, I want to have fun, sleepover and go to parties, not working in an office.
It’s Wednesday night, and I was reading Criminal Law, dad said it would be a good idea for me to have a head start. Mom just got home, but dad had waited for mom for the past 2 hours.
“where have you been?” dad said
“I was in the office, finishing up some work” she replied, with a soft and delicate tone
“stop whining and get me some food” he said, with a bossy way
“you know, I’m really tired today” she politely refuse
“hey, when I say get me some food, it means you walk to the kitchen and cook me some  food, it’s not your choice to made” dad said, clenching mom’s jaw
“o..ookay” mom said, she did as he said even if she don’t feel like doing it.
He did the same thing to me, when I refuse to go to Harvard as they both planned. I cried for hours, thinking that I didn’t want this, why was I born, every possible questions came to my mind. Mom approached me in the bathroom that day, I was sitting on the floor with tears soaked my shirt.  “Sweetie, we want the best for you” she said
“Why don’t you let me do what I want?” I said
“Everyone would kill to go to Harvard, Emily. You don’t understand” she said
“no mom, you don’t understand how I feel, I don’t want to go to Harvard at age 15, or graduated high school 3 years before everyone else” I said
“I understand, Em. I know you don’t want all of these, but it’s your potential, we are just pushing to your limit” she said, calming me down.
As I was daydreaming, a notification popped up on my email, it's from Harvard, I quickly opened it and my heart beat so hard, dad would be furious if I don’t get in. One word, accepted, I told my parents and they seems so happy, they never look so joyful. I know it’s not what I want, but I’m glad it makes them smile.
A week later, I came home to find out that mom was murdered earlier today, dad told me the bad news. It’s not a bad news, it’s a nightmare, one that I wish would never happen, but it did. The room went silent for a moment and I cry, I can’t hold it, it’s so painful that it make me felt like I’m drowning in the middle of the ocean and nobody is there to help me. I asked my dad how and where she was murdered, he explained that she was kidnapped her body was found in Hudson River with her limbs missing, he offered me to look at mom’s body one last time.
Mom was being examined by the Medical Examiner, nobody knows who killed her. I went down there and see mom, I stroke her hair, her blonde hair and perfect face, why would anyone kill her. The officer let me see her missing limbs, I sob, and lean my head on dad’s chest. He wrapped his arms around me and said that everything is going to be okay. He was trying to calm me down, but a few minutes later a transparent evidence bag arrived, it’s a paper soaked with blood but I can read clearly “Emily, stay away from your dad. Mom” I can tell that it is mom’s handwriting. An officer promptly arrested dad and mentioned “Jason Parker, you are under arrest for the murder of Amanda Parker” I didn’t know what’s going on. But a second later I realised that dad is the murderer, I can’t explain how I’m feeling now.
He was convicted of manslaughter and sentence to prison for 10 years, he had a great lawyer. I visited him in the prison, and asked him why he killed mom. He told me that they were unhappy, their marriage was a mistake, and when mom tried to escape he thought she wrote that note. It didn’t explain why he had mom murdered, so I asked him again, one more time. He confessed that mom was planning on filing for divorce and to take me with her and get most of their wealth, because he was very abusive towards both of us, he was so sure that she would win. I cried again, and asked him “Is this worth it dad?”. He didn’t answer, not that I expected any, I left and never look back.

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