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Brook Dale High

October 8, 2009
By xoxokelseyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
xoxokelseyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
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Almost angel like she walked out onto the moon lit balcony. Cassandra and her older brother lived together in a three story house off the shore in Miami Florida. Cassandra was a senior at Brook Dale High school. This will be her 1st year at Brook Dale. Cassandra is very well known in her county, she is daughter if the king and queen. Cassandra and her older brother James have always been very close to each other. He spent most of her childhood taking care of Cassandra for she is very sick. It is a blessing that she lives today. She has never had a problem with fitting in or making friends. She is a very beautiful girl. She has fair skin and long black hair that just flows in the wind. Her gorgeous jade eyes can catch your attention from across the room.

Standing by the doorway of the balcony James calls to Cassandra,” Shouldn’t you be in bed by now”

Turning around swiftly Cassandra giggles, “Like you care what time I’m in bed”

Jut saying. You should be well rested for your first day of a normal high school.”

“Do I really have to go? Rather just stay home. What more can I possibly learn. There is nothing that theses people can teach me.” She said sarcastically.

Just give it a chance. Who knows you may like it. And it gives you the opportunity of being a normal teenager. Being a princess is a lot different than living a normal life. I wish you can see that.”

“I know it’s different I just don’t see the glory of being so ‘normal’ I really don’t think that it’s all that much fun.”

“You’ll never know till you try. So headed off to be.”

“Really now it’s like ten.” She said kind of annoyed.

“Hmmmm well that’s too bad now isn’t it. Night” he said sarcastically. As he watched her expression change from annoyed to angry. She walks passed sticking her tongue out at him.

“Night.” He said smiling as she walked passed him.
On her long Journey to her room she had some time to think about what James had said to her. Hmm maybe it won’t be so bad at school. I can actually make some friends and live a little. With that she got ready for bed.

“Rise and shine Cass” yelled James from outside her room.
At that moment Cassandra arose from her bed and began to go through the motions of getting ready for her first day of school. She let her long black hair flow freely off her shoulders, then put on a flowery white dress, and a jade necklace that went very well with her eyes. She then walked out her room felling confident about how they day might go. James was already in the car waiting to take her to her first day at Brook Dale High School. As the pulled into the front of the school she suddenly became very nervous.
“Do I really have to this? I have this horrible feeling about this” said Cassandra in a very shaky voice.
“‘Don’t worry you’ll be fine” said James in his calm soothing voice.
She then opened the car door and began to walk towards the entrance. Many people didn’t really know what to make of her stunning looks. So they just stared and whispered. This made her very nervous. What if people don’t like me? What if they know who and what I really am. Will they accept me? Her thoughts we abruptly interrupted by a gorgeous teenage boy.
“Hey I’m John. I’ve never seen you before so I assume you just moved in.”
No really know what to say she just starred into his eyes. For some reason they looked oddly familiar. That couldn’t possibly be because she’s never been in this country before today. She then walked away in completely embarrasses. Great now he probably thinks that I’m some type of freak. Smooth move Cassandra. She then walked into her first period class hoping that she could put the awkward greeting of this morning behind her.
“Good morning and welcome to your first day of Sr. English. First I’m going to put you all in alphabetical order just so I can get your names down.”
“Okay so first row, Jamie, Sarah, John, Cassandra…….”
Oh great I get to sit behind the kid who probably thinks I’m a freak. Could this day get any worse?
Interrupting her thoughts
“Hey so I think that we kinda got off on the wrong foot.”
“Yea I’m totally sorry about that. Hi my name is Cassandra. I’m new here.” She responds shyly.
As the day went on she really started to enjoy her first day of Brook Dale High School. She met new and friendly people in every class she went to. As the final bell rang she gathered her belongings and headed off to walk home. As she headed in the direction of her new home she could hear pounding footsteps and heavy breathing. As she turned around she immediately knew who it was. She stopped to wait for him.
“Hey Cassandra”
“Hey John, I didn’t know you walked this way.”
Yea I live in the big white house across from you. Mind if we walk together?”
No not at all. She smiled politely. The walk was long but seemed so short. They spent most of the time talking about each other and what they like and don’t like. Cassandra was very happy that she met someone as nice as him. She was really beginning to like being normal already. When they got to her house it was time to say good-bye. She really didn’t want to. She was so fascinated with John. But at the same time something didn’t feel right at all. As she walked into her house a sudden chill ran down her spine. As she went to close the door she noticed that John was nowhere to be found. She then closed and locked the door securely, but something didn’t feel right. Turing around to the sunned surprise of John leaning against the white wall of her hall way.
“What are you doing in my house?” Cassandra yelled with an attempt to catch her breath.
“I could ask you that very same question ‘Cassandra’ or shall I say Alexandria…”
“Who are you had how do you know who I am!”
Well I was a very long and hard process. Very clever doing the whole name change thing. You really think that I wouldn’t be able to find you. Like I found your family, you really thought you could escape. I never miss a target and I won’t start now.”
“Michael” she said half under her breath.
That’s right, and I’m here to do my job. So why don’t you make this easy on both of us and just stay still, it’ll only hurt for a second I promise.”
At that moment she bolted up the stairs and into her room. Back at Alexandria’s country her family ruled over a country mad up with people with special abilities. Most people call it “the supernatural”. Everyone loved the Jon’s except the vampires. The rules of the country were very heavily enforced. One of the major rules Is the killing and feeding off of humans has the punishment of death. So in order to get ride of the rules they had to get rid of the entire family. Last month Michael was responsible for the death of her parents and her twin sister Cassandra. S he searched all through the house looking for her she pulled out her cell and immediately called her brother. This was a large mistake on her part. A vampire since of hearing is quite amazing as is his speed. So before she could finish the call he was already at the door.
“So you really think you can hide from me.”
At that moment she grabbed her by the hair and sank his knife like teeth into her neck finishing what he came to do. He was only worried with Cassandra because in their country the next person to take power would be the next living daughter. Leaving her older brother James in a never ending whole of morning and sorrow.

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