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Alice Gregney #2

July 17, 2010
By writerinfinity PLATINUM, Arlington, Texas
writerinfinity PLATINUM, Arlington, Texas
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My mind raced as I wondered who this mysterious man on the phone was. I needed to find out, I figured I would call the director and tell him that I was going to send the mysterious call to him. I picked up the phone and said into the receiver.
“Excuse me one minute sir, Alice is in, let me transfer you to her when I find where she is.” I hit the hold button and dialed the phone number of the boss.
“Boss,” I say urgently. “I have a person on the line using a voice machine asking for me, I traced the call and it showed blank. I need you to take care of the phone call.” The director said a few things and I transferred the call, hoping this would work.
When the call was transferred, I pushed out my chair and walked towards the boss’s office. I walked into the office and took a seat in the chair across from his desk. He nodded at me and pushed the speaker phone button.
“Hello,” The other man on the phone said. The director had a voice machine set up and I spoke into it.
“Hello, may I ask who is calling?” I said the voice on the machine was more high pitched then mine. I smiled at my voice using all my strength not to laugh at it.
“Listen Gregney, I’m not your friend and I don’t want to be your friend. I also don’t want to be a murderer . So stop the case your working on now, don’t even try to find us and stop us. Or there will be a little Alice grave.” The other caller said, before I could say anything, a beep rang on the phone indicating the call had been ended. I sat shocked and scared at the same time. The director looked at me with concern.
“Alice, I think you should drop the case. We’ll have someone else more capable to take care of it.” He said. A look came across my face and I stood slapping my hands on his desk.
“Sir, please, I can take care of this case. I will not stop, and I am very capable of completing this mission. So with all due respect Sir, I will continue.” Before he had a chance to reply to my words I walked out of the office my face flushed with anger. When I reached my cuticle I sat in my chair so hard it spun in the other direction, I turned it toward my free desk space and traced the route with my finger. I stood with the map in hand and went to the ‘attire’ department. It was exploring day for me, I would not let this case be given to someone else.
When I reached the attire department a staff member came up and asked what I was looking for.
“Wetsuit size 13.” I said to the staff member, she nodded and walked off. I followed her and waited as she flipped through different sizes finding mine. She handed it to me and I nodded walking to a changing room. When I walked out the door in my wetsuit I handed my old clothes to the attendant and she rushed off to put them in the closet. I walked to the shoe area and asked for flippers size 5 in womans, when he handed them to me I slipped them on and handed my old, worn out shoes to him to put in the closet. I just had to stop by the gear part and grab my stuff and I was ready to go.
When I had all of my stuff I walked outside towards the parking lot. I was 13 but I had my own car. Each Y.C.S.I. teen had their own car and driver license no matter their age because of their job as a young crime scene investigator. Y.C.S.I. was also called Y.F.B.I. for young Federal Bureau of Investigation. I pulled out the keys to my car and hit the UNLOCK button, my car beeped twice and I opened the door. When inside I inserted my key and started the car. I turned on the AC and began backing out. I was going to stop by my partners place to pick him up before I left. He was on call but was at home at the moment. His name is Henry Houston, him and I were paired as partners at the first day of our training together. We had done several cases together and had a close friendship.

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