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The Girl with no Face

May 23, 2012
By ImaDreamer1291 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
ImaDreamer1291 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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I know why Mamma won’t let me play with the other girls
She thinks I don’t
But I do
For when I try to let the moon shine on my room
She will just come up and lock them again,
Then leave me to cry myself to sleep in my small,
Enclosed little room.
I’m not allowed to play with my sisters
. Sometimes
I’m not even allowed to eat supper at the table...
For it stands before a mural of windows,
Windows where someone may be searching…
Mamma doesn’t talk a lot,
Just cries.
I hear her on a sleepless night in my bed.
I know she’s doing what she thinks is best for me,
But really
All she is doing is closing me up to the world
. Sometimes,
I think she’s kept me a secret from my sisters and brother.
But I know that’s not true,
For occasionally
I hear the youngest of our little family,
Crying at night,
somehow I hear words between the crying,
and momma cooing trying to soothe her,
I-----WANT------ LILLY!!!!!!!!----.
In case you were wondering,
my name is not really” Lilly”
It is Lilliahn,
and I hope you listen while I tell you my story…
For I am Lilliahn, the girl with no face.

The author's comments:
I just wrote this as the beginning prologue of a story!

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