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He knew, I knew

July 27, 2012
By StayClassy1 SILVER, Stockton, California
StayClassy1 SILVER, Stockton, California
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“Mmmm” I felt his hot breathe on my bare neck, making my heart pound loudly in my chest. I didn’t know anything about this guy except he gave me a bad feeling and he was twenty-two making him seven years older than me. I looked over at my friends uncomfortably that were busy with their dates they had just met at the carnival. I could feel him start to nibble at my neck and I checked my phone with shaky hands 9:30pm we still had another ten minutes until fireworks would start. Ugh, please start faster I thought to myself, anything to get this guys attention off me. I got an eery feeling around this guy, the way he looked at me or where his hands would randomly wander when no one was looking. I could have declined his invite to watch fireworks together but I could tell my friends were having fun with their dates and I didn’t want to be an outsider. I looked around at all the gliterring fair rides that had came to a shush now that everyone had gathered onto the field. “Lets go somewhere else, I know of a place not far at all from here” he suggested, but I was uncertain I wonder if he could tell when he added “it has a killer view”. I let him take me hand and pull me up, I glance at my friends giving them a silent plead to rescue me. Too late, this guy knew what he wanted. He lead me to a private look out not five minutes from where we were. The view wasn’t much better, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. He laid me down next to him even though it was rocky gravel and pulled himself over me grinning. “Just relax” he said in a calm voice as his hands danced up and down my torso. BOOM. The first firework was set off, it shook the earth beneath me, and could here the ‘ahhhhs’ of satisfied couples and families. Oh how I wish that was me, I didn’t want to be here yet I couldn’t find me voice. I felt my tears dissappear one by one, leaving my virgin skin to his touch, I knew what was happening and from his smile he knew too. STOP THIS, PLEASE I screamed in my head but the only word that came out of my dry mouth was a choked “no”. I felt more of the thunderous BOOMS as if they were now going with the rythym of my body. I knew I couldn’t stop this, so I let my mind go into a numb state of being, listening only to the laughter and sounds of awe. After fifteen minutes I think it was I could no longer hear nor feel the fireworks. I opened my tear blurred eyes to see him staring back at me with only a look of contentment. I pulled my clothes onto my limp shaky body, avoiding his thirsty stare. What had just happened? We went back to the field where my friends were waiting for me saying goodbye to their dates. As the guy hugged me he whispered “You let this happen” harshly before letting go, as if to relieve some of his guilt if he even regret doing what he did to me. He disappeared into the crowd of people making their way back to the carnival rides. My stomach dropped and I puked right there in front of everyone. My friends came to my aid, “ew, you ok?”. I knew I could never tell anyone after all I HAD let it happen, and he knew it too. “Too much cotton candy” I replied blankly.

The author's comments:
Sometimes we dont have the strength to tell about horrible things that have happened to us.

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