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Mad Man's Mansion

April 13, 2014
By Anonymous

the mansion creaked in the night. you begin to an unpleasant presence come into your sense the wolves eyes stalking you as you sit up in your bed due to a murderous scream from the other side of the look at your door and see the head mistress with a few warts here and there and wearing really red lipstick.thunder rumbles in the background as you stare into her emerald green cats eyes. she smiles a crooked smile that gave you unpleasant chills.eyes were on you every where you see people that aren't hear blood thurtsy screams almost every night.your only thought is to get ran, the voices lurking behind you in the shadows of the night. you felt as if your going through and unending bloody maze. you run to a dead end with a window but kept running.'CRASH'.you jumped out but then hit something hard." i couldn't have hit the ground yet." you find yourself in a darkroom. A door in front of you and a door behind feel something grab you ankle and find a bloody rotting hand come up from a dark puddle of mist. you shake it off and run to the door behind you but it disperses before you can even reach it. you turn to find a tragic site. more hands have come out along with bodies. they pull you to the door that's that now stands before you with blood marks and words of death.your screaming as you approach the white door filled with bloody marks of what look like belonged to children. your being pulled through. your screaming at the top of your lungs but nothing is coming out. "some one please save me!" but no one dares to save you. you will be dead soon, and everyone knew it. you hear the head maids voice in your mind mimicking you thoughts." you should have stayed in bed my child, the consequences would have been much lighter." you close your eyes and wish you had never come to your uncles mansion. you wished you never had gotten that letter or at least refused it! you open them to find yourself in your mothers farm house. but the maid is standing in the door." did you think that it would be that easy to get rid of us?"

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