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Short story based on a dream I had

February 26, 2009
By Cat Ludwiczak BRONZE, Briarcliff Manor, New York
Cat Ludwiczak BRONZE, Briarcliff Manor, New York
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It was a cold, dark night in Los Angeles. From three stories up, the streets seemed so much brighter. I was alone, which was a scary feeling, and yet I still managed to sit by my window, and look out at the world as if no danger could ever occur. The bland sounds from the television behind me softly became unnoticed, and it was gently haunting how the streetlights brought just enough light into the room to show half of my body. The other half was just a shadow not to be heard of.
As I was gazing down at the street, I notice a car. Somehow, I knew exactly who's car it was. A friend of sorts. Although I have never met this man, I felt as if I knew him. As if we had lived a previous life close together. I raced down the apartment stairs, hoping his car was still there. Only to find that when I reached the street, a terrible crash had occurred.
I stood in front of five motionless cars. Each with it's own painful story of a disaster. I turned around and almost simultaneously, the man who I so deeply desired to find, stumbled out of a black car with it's windows shattered. If the cuts on his face didn't prove to me he was the culprit of this tragedy, the stench of alcohol on his breath had me convinced.
He wobbled toward me. Although I knew I was just a hazy vision in his eyes, in my eyes, the man with shaggy gold hair and blue eyes, was a disappointing result of someone I had longed for.
He slowly rotated his body in my direction, still in awe that he was alive. Slowly, he looked up. Only to find the face of a girl, who was so gravely frustrated and confused. The moment we made eye contact, I felt as if the very ground beneath my feet had vanished.
'Please ' please, don't tell anyone'He said. I looked at the glass in his hair and the blood along his cheek. I so desperately wanted to say something, but all I managed to get out was a sympathetic nod. He looked around, then limped away as quickly as possible, which was still rather sluggish. Running would do no justice. I stood frozen, just looking at the black distance at which the man had faded into. The deafening silence was the only thing that made me feel somewhat safe, until it was interrupted by a scream.
I turned, to find a woman, just ten feet away from me. The tears rolling down her face made me ponder why none have appeared down my own cheek.
'Please just don't tell anyone. He' he isn't usually like this.' I said. She so tenderly l
ooked at me. At that moment I became astonished at how much I have sabotaged myself, just to save a man whom technically, I have never met previous to this crash. Never losing eye contact, she managed to softly respond.
'I won't... but they might.' She slowly lifted her finger. Pointing past my shoulder. Giving her a befuddled look, I slowly turned my body, but before I could see the ten men with guns standing behind me, I heard a loud bang followed by a thud on the ground. The lady who had just been an innocent witness, had blood pouring out of her stomach. The blank stare in her eyes made me feel so guilty. Within the second, thousands of thoughts had scattered throughout my mind. Then the thought of my own death made its way. If they just shot an innocent woman in cold blood, what's to stop them from doing the same to me? With both of my hands out, I begged.
'Stop. Plea--' before I could finish my statement, I became faint. A sharp pain in my side had made me plummet to the hard gravel below. There was no reason to state the obvious. I knew I had been shot. Blurry as my vision was, I managed to see the men. All wearing black suits. The man who had shot me, now had his back turned to me. I could hear them whispering. I knew the danger. Regaining some sort of strength, I was able to plead one last word.
E2Please...' The last word I muttered had caught the attention of the man whose back was turned to me. He slightly bent down. His dark gelled hair and cruel grey eyes faded in and out of focus. Then, I had become deafened by two loud gunshots and almost instantaneously, the absolute worst headache had overcome every thought of my mind. My hair became soaked with thick liquid and I quickly flashed back to just 10 minutes earlier. I should have stayed in my apartment. Then, the world became stagnant and my eyes slowly closed.
Just as my eyes had closed, me eyes awoke in my bed. My eyes wide, and my thoughts turn to confusion as I think. Isn't it impossible to die in your own dream?

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