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October 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt cold and warm at the same time? Like summer is a few steps back and winter is down the road? This in-between feeling is called autumn, where everything is changing including the earth and the people on it. The leaves fall, detach and lose there green. They shrivel, and break apart, become the newest pieces of Mother Nature’s soil. You long for the freedom of summer but dream of the closure of winter to arrive. The smell is fresh and new, but makes you feel weightless. You sink into the thought of flying away with the migrant birds and drowning in the bottomless lake with the hibernating frogs. You can almost hear the rattle of your bones over the chatter of teeth. The kids outside trade in there shorts for pants and get used to the thought of being cold. Lawn chairs fold away and attics pack to the brim. Everyone settles into what’s considered another life, and watches autumn arrive.

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