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Fishing Spider

October 16, 2008
By Anonymous

I am very unique. I spend everyday hunting for food to survive. If I turn my head I can see a huge display of colors made into a tropical scene of paradise. You can find me near the small, refreshingly warm streams of Ecuador only inhabited by a few or so neighbors which doesn’t bother me. I eat only of the tiniest Ecuadorian fish using my curved row of eyes which are located on my backside to see if I could snack on such a highly delectable and juicy creature. I don’t think about much for, you see, I am always on the lookout for prey or a predator because if I don’t stay vigilant, I will most certainly be eaten. I don’t fear much except fish that are bigger than me because they will devour me just like my brother, bless his heart. The everyday world doesn’t think more of me than they do of any other spider. They just see me as a disgusting creature that could kill them so they have to kill me first. My life is dull and I wish I was more famous because some scientists say I was the lost thirteenth zodiac sign.

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