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Thoughts that invade-

February 25, 2008
By Anonymous

-Thoughts that invade-
There are many thoughts inside our minds that sometimes give us courage & sometimes they bring us down.
Although from time to time we might not accept it, I think we all avoid some scarced feelings bottled up inside of us.Someone very special told me once that if we keep things bottled up, it would only make us think about it more;which in many cases it stops us from doing what we need to at the present moment.

What Shold we do?! ... I will try to be brief, and explain what I think.
For me, thoughts are something very special & they are things that should Not be avoided.
Whatever it is; if its a family issue,you should talk about it with either your mom or dad.
If the problem is about a resent relationship that might had let you heartbroken is something that might affect you emotionally,but its something you can & willmove on from, but dont beat about the bush, everything will be quite fine. ^-^

Well I know this is quite short ... but I promise to writte once more next time

.. ..
True-bitter thoughts x-X

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