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When I Was 11

April 4, 2008
By Anonymous

When I was 11, I got put into a certain situation that was not a pleasant experience for me. Although I survived that unpleasant experience, something happened to me that was life changing. I never really hung out with white people much even though I am white myself. I preferred hanging out with the blacks because of the fact that I wasn't racist and the school I started my school life going to was. So, as you can imagine, I was an outcast for being different. Well, while during my unpleasant experience, I made a wonderful friend that was black and lived in Austin. We spent a lot of our time together at school and everyone thought it was weird that two people from two different races were such close friends. My friend taught me a lot during our friendship though, she taught me that no matter what your skin color may be or what your home life is or even what religion you are shouldn't matter if you really are a true friend. Also that you don't descriminate against anyone who isn't like you or throw it in their face when in an arguement. Now from the sounds of it you would think that's what happened, when in fact it wasn't. My friend was killed in a drive-by later on in my 7th grade year. Her family blamed me for it because we were such good friends. The only one who didn't was her mother. So, I would like to thank my friend for helping me realize what I ended up realizing, and that is a true friend will remain close in any way possible. And in this case, it was throug her mom.

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