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Crown Garland

June 4, 2008
By Anonymous

At first I thought my name was just something that family and friends could call me. I really never thought it had a significant meaning. My name Stephanie means, “crown garland.” The meaning of this name definitely suits me. Crown Garland is a crown of flowers. Flowers are always growing and changing and, with the right nourishment and care, grow into the flower that they are meant to be. I too am like a flower changing everyday with each thing I do, hopefully to someday grow into the woman I am meant to be. Many events and people through my life have helped me grow and change in to who I am.

The birth of my brother was a life changing experience. Tiny drops of sweat ran down my Aunt Rosemary’s red face as she sat on the couch cushion next to me. I tried to act cool and relaxed, but deep inside my heart was racing like a thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby. The copper handle was pushed down and the door swung open immediately following screams from my mother, excited to be home and cries from my new baby brother, Joseph. My aunt and I ran to the door, greeting them with hugs and kisses. We then relocated to the den, where my mom told me I could hold my baby brother. I was so excited. It was my brother; no one could take that away. I would always be his big sister and he would always be my little brother. At that moment, as my mom gently placed my brother down in my arms, she released one finger at a time and the house became so quiet, that a pin could have dropped and I could have heard it. At that moment I leaned in close to my brother’s ear and whispered to him, “I am your older sister, Stephanie. I will love you and care for you forever, and always will be there for you”. Now, 10 years later, many things have changed. First, he can talk and second, we now disagree on many things. Deep down inside I remember the things I whispered to him that first day and try to keep that promise everyday. My brother, whether he knows it or not, has definitely helped me be become a better person. I need to be a great and positive role model for him by showing him right from wrong. I try to guide him in the right direction and always teach him new things. My brother has truly brought out the goodness in me and that makes me want to continue to be that person that he sees in me, that nice, honest, kindhearted person. Sort of what I had done to my best friend, Regina.
My life changing experience all started with 4th grade. “Welcome class,” Ms. Spilotros said. I was so happy that it was finally 4th grade and I wasn’t the little 3rd grader, that everyone made fun of anymore. As Ms. Spilotros was babbling on about school supplies, I started to look around the room. The classroom was a big square and the desks were in three rows and, lucky me I was in the back. I never liked the back except for the first week of school when you get to see what everyone does during class. After a while, they do the same stuff and it gets old. I started looking at the left side of the room where the popular girls were sitting and was panning to the geeky boys and then, the girl next to me sneezed.
“God bless you,” I said. The girl was wearing a blue skirt with a purple shirt; it was almost like the outfit I had on except in different colors, mine was yellow and green. For some reason, I felt like I needed to get to know this girl since we would be sitting next to each other for a whole year. So I decided to ask her what her name was.
“Regina” she said and that’s when it started the connection. It was like a wave of electricity wrapped between her and me. After the first week or two, I realized that Regina was a girl that would not settle for anything. If Regina got a 98% she wanted those two points, if she got 100% she wanted a 105%. In gym, when she got minute on the arm hang, she wanted to beat that time. I never really understood it. She would never settle for what she got she always wanted more. To this day, Regina and I are the best of friends and she is still trying to show me that I should never settle for anything less than my best. She has brought out the best in me. I feel like I want to be my best and that I am at my best when we are together. I have many goals in life that I hope to accomplish. And, with Regina’s friendship and support, I know I have a great shot. Regina has helped me to be the person I am today; I guess that’s what best friends do for each other.
When most people think of their best friend it is someone either at school, camp, or in their neighborhood. My best friend was my grandma. My grandma and I did everything together, we shopped, made lots of exciting crafts. We loved making dark rich chocolate brownies, planted beautiful flowers, and watched our favorite television shows. Later, as my grandma became sicker and as the years progressed, the list of things we did became shorter. That didn’t change the amount of fun we had, although she no longer was able to walk, was a bit difficult to understand, and sometimes forgot my name, we still jammed lots of fun into whatever we did. Our fun and laughter then consisted of talking about our past adventures and planning some new ones. Grandma never got any better, but every time I walked in the room, her eyes would light up and that made my heart light up! After the recent death of my grandma, my heart is still heavy but I can still feel the warmth and security of her. I look back now and see how much she has given me. How much she has taught me about being a good person, about trusting myself, believing in myself and not to take it all so seriously. Grandma has been my sun and I the flower. She has helped me to grow and change and will forever has shaped me to the woman I will become.
Do we grow into our names or are we born just the right fit? Stephanie, Greek meaning, crown garland. A crown of flowers. Flowers start out as buds and with the proper care and support they grow into individual beauty. My brother has made me want to be a good person. I always want to be the big sister he can look up to and come to. My friend, Regina, has enabled me, through these years to be comfortable with who I am and to trust myself. Her support and friendship has helped me grow. Grandma has guided me with her wisdom and love. Her friendship will always live in my heart. With all of this support and guidance, I hope to someday go to Hofstra University. To one day become a Social Studies teacher, helping students succeed in life, just like my brother, my grandma, and my friend, Regina has done for me. I feel lucky to have and to have had such wonderful people in my life who are helping me mature and blossom.

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