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Bad Decision of Education

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“Welcome to St. John Mary International School! Are you ready for the first day of school year?” One Indian teacher interrogated me in English. I couldn’t understand because he spoke English as fast as the car running about 200 kilometres per hour. My face was pale like whiteboard. I answered his question and made sure that what I said is like what he wanted me to say. He walked away, at this moment I thought that I would improve my English skill, or even when I’m listening to foreign people who speak English very fast I could have high ability to understand the whole things he or she said.
I walked into classroom, saw a lot of people sat together in many groups. Teacher rose in front of the class, she shouted “SPEAK ENGLISH PLEASE,” but no one care of what she said. I sat down on the soft and smooth chair, teacher started to give me a work to do which I had to write an essay about Christmas vacation. I remembered people who works in office told me that student who not speaks English should get punishment. It seems like the rules of this school not strict enough to control all students to speak English. Even they intimidated other friends and me like this, all students still speak their native language. This school is boarding school so I had to spend all day and night at school. It is boring for me, but what I impressed is just only I can work with friends until late at night. On every meal at school I can only smelt the things repeatedly of food, such as when I walked into cafeteria on the morning, I can smell of fries eggs, ham, and sausage every day. I can tasted of something terrible from a burn toast, and I see bad atmosphere of some flies that flew around the table and some that stuck on the jam next to a hard burn toast.
This school was founded four years ago, but the government in Thailand still not certify this school. Many times when I was studying, there had a huge group of people from government came to visit my school. They just wanted to check that this school is good to be admitting from government or not. One of my friends said, “Why this school look like a zoo, why we look like some kind of animals that live in the cage.” People walked around, took pictures, looked inside classroom, or even pressed his or her face on the window in front of my class room. Finally, I have heard that the government still not admit my school. All in all, my family and I realized that this school doesn’t help my English skill, so these were why finally I decided to abandon this school.

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