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The 6 days till 14

October 1, 2011
By IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
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It is exactly six days till my fourteenth birthday. Yet another year being a teen, and what do i have to show for it? I had a boyfriend it only lasted not even four days and ended in disaster. I i liked 4 maybe 5 different guy nad guys that i wouldnt have a chance with. I lost a couple friends some really close friends. I have had my fair share of drama, Friends with suicide attempts, the popular girls at school making my head spin. Yet i have not even had my first kiss. My friends mainly all have ethier that or a boyfriend or two that they are still close with. My ex is a problm. When I see him I choke in fear I saw him last night and I could only see th anger in his eyes as he looked at me. Yet I have gained somethings I learned how to keep secrets very well, I have learned who my real friends are, and I have learned to be more mature to be the bigger person to be helpful but not so helpful they can blame mistakes on me. I have learned from my mistakes and maybe one day I will be mistake free. Until that day happens if it ever does I will be the only thing i can be me being 13 soon to be 14.

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