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Words Brought Out

June 6, 2012
By Kimmie_Kat SILVER, Orlando, Florida
Kimmie_Kat SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Hitting, kicking, shoving, pushing, making fun of, making rumors of, hating, this is only the being to bullying. Bullying is a repetitious process of hurting someone physically and both verbally, in some cases there are bullying online. Bullying is mostly common in large and small schools, because everyone has their mind set to believing that they know what everyone does, who they are, and what they stand for. But, what they don’t get is that they don’t even know us, we are not only the targets. We are people too! These cases are all from the target named, Kathleen.

In one case, Kathleen was picked on because of her culture and religion.
Last year, it humored them to ask her if her grandfather, Osama-Bin-Laden died, just because she was half Turkish. They didn’t only hurt her in the many different ways possible, it has scared her for her whole life, because she said, and I quote, “Every time I see, hear, and even think about him, I can barely even stand it.” Then on she was never able to bring herself to say his name, Osama-Bin-Laden.

In this next case, was form of peer pressured, at a school event. A photo may say a thousand words; well this one said more. The whole day the bully has bullied Kathleen, and to top it off he took a photo where he showed her the finger over another bully’s shoulder. He told me the next year, and I quote, “That I was a small fish in a big pond and I’d do anything to get to the top.” But, why would he hurt someone who did nothing to back? And after he did that to her, what happens then? He goes to the top and leaves her behind? At the bottom, all forgotten?

In the last case I’ll mention, was a case of cyber bulling. One student, who was known as a friend to Kathleen, made a Facebook account under her name. The bully said, and I quote, “I wasn’t thinking when I made the account, and all I wanted to do is make the account sound like it was Rowan, and blame it on her.” So the bully wasn’t intending on hurting her, but in the process of creating, changing, typing, and telling. The bully not only hurt Kathleen and her family, but the bully hurt Rowan and her family, and the people all around them.

Keep in mind, bulling isn’t the way you’re born, it’s the way you have chosen to change into the jerk, the stupid one, the villain. Many people have changed during and after middle school, it all depends on which side you choose. Even if you’re not the one hurting anyone, but not stopping it, then you are the bully. Help the good side win and stand up for what you believe in, and what is right! Stand up for the targets! Tell the bullies no! And as we stand, we will fight back! And win!

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