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A Memory I Will Never Forget

October 14, 2019
By Aidanbu BRONZE, Lambertiville, Michigan
Aidanbu BRONZE, Lambertiville, Michigan
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Everyone carries something important to them whether it be physical or physiological. The item you are carrying could be something as simple as a wallet or something that is special only to you. Many people are oblivious to the thing that they are carrying and don’t even realize how much it might have meant to them until it is gone. Though there are many things that I carry, something important to me that I can’t live without is memories. One memory, in particular, is the memory of my family and I going to Colorado.

I remember it as a bright aura that follows me wherever I go, looking like it might know something about me. Other people are oblivious to it and it appears that I am the only one who can spot the glow. Whenever I am near it brings back fun times full of climbing big sharp rocks and trudging up treacherous peaks. Peaks full of fresh powder snow and a beautiful setting sky that surrounds you. Exploring muddy caves full of darkness and dangerous trenches that could swallow you no matter the size. 

It seems wherever I look mountains are around, isolating you from the outside world. They appear to be leaning over you as if they are trying to protect you from what lies behind them. When looking up there is no end in sight to the gigantic formations. When looking up all that you can see to is up to the clouds and then the rest remains a mystery leaving everything else to your imagination. The oxygen has a crisp and fresh feeling making it seem as if it was the purest breath of oxygen you have ever taken. Ski lifts that were not in use at the time covered the slopes of the mountains and made you wonder what this place looks like during the winter. Looking down from the mountain, a small tourist town occupied the valley below. Full of cozy hotels and small shops, making you wonder how nice it would be to live here. 

In addition, green pine trees were gently covered by a layer of fresh white powder snow. The trees make a perfect circle surrounding a sparkling blue lake isolating it in the forest. Hawks and eagles could be seen throughout the area majestically flying over the lake while looking for their next meal. The huge mountains in the distance tower over the area dwarfing everything near it. As the sun started to set sounds of crickets and frogs are heard from every corner around. The sky starts to turn pink as the Sun slowly starts to get devoured by the moon. 

As my memory started to fade, there's one thing that I almost forgot which was how my dog Ringo also tagged along. Black, brown, and white fur covered his body from head to toe as he graciously ran through the wind in the meadow. His fur is long and feels smooth and silky when you run your hand through his clumps of fur. Ringo’s head was all white except for the one black and brown spot covering one of his eyes. Always attempting to wag his tail whenever he was called, but would never understand that he didn’t have one. When given the chance for belly rubs he would instantly roll over on his back and kick his powerful legs in excitement. His left ear is always drooped down and no matter how hard he tried to lift it come up it never will. Not knowing that he is a dog he will always try to act like a human anyway. 

Through the wonders and beautiful setting of Colorado, it may now seem obvious why I just can't live without this memory. It was a time full of laughs with my family, and adventure that helped bring out a playfulness out of me that I have never seen in myself. I believe that memories and this one in particular really show how a person can change from something so little and can help them become a better more social human being. Therefore, there are many things that a person may carry, but one of the ones that I carry and is truly meaningful to me is my memory of Colorado.

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It is about a very important memory.

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