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Pebbles and the Magical Baboon

January 19, 2015
By Anonymous


Pebbles, the town idiot of Baboonia, has stolen the Magial Baboon's fantastic gold plated eyebrows during his birthday parade and is now on the run through the dark forest. Ending up in Ghettonia, one of the baddest, most evil towns ever to exist, Pebbles has only the golden eyebrows to help her get out alive. Through a twist of fate, Pebbles returns to Baboonia where the Magical Baboon was once king and finds everything in shambles. She learns that the Magical Baboon fled from the palace the day his fantastic gold-plated eyebrows were stolen and hadn't been heard from or seen since. Pebbles realizes her terrible mistake and must journey to find the Magical Baboona and return the golden eyebrows before it's too late.


Pebbles and the Magical Baboon

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