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January 18, 2011
By Rozaa SILVER, San marcos, California
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Rozaa SILVER, San Marcos, California
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Favorite Quote:
I love it when my fingers are entwined in yours, and the tingly sensation i got when you touched me. It made me feel so safe so loved; so totally bouned to you. forver. And i still am even though you left me.

My mom and dad always told me I was special but they never told me why. When I turned 16 I found out why I was so special.
RINNGGG, Yeah School is finally over now I can go home. I just walked out of my class room when I heard someone say.
“Rose wait up!!!” I turned around to see my best friend Erik.
“Hi” I said cheerfully “what’s up”
“Sooooo it’s your birthday tomorrow” Erik said sounding excited.
“Yep it is” I told him not seeing what the big deal was.
“So what are you going to do for your birthday?”He asked me.
“I don’t know. I think me and my family are just going to have a little family party but you can come if you want” I told him
“Ok thanks I’ll be there” he said smiling at me.
“Ok well I’m going to head home are you going to walk with me?” I asked
“No not today I got to talk to my teacher” he said sounding bummed “But I will tomorrow”
“Ok I’ll see you tomorrow then”
“Ok see you tomorrow Rose” I smiled at him then left.
My house is about 7 minutes away from school so I always walk to school and back. My mom is a stay at home mom so she is always there when I get home. I walked in the door.
“Hi honey” I heard my mom call from the kitchen.
“Hi mom,” I said as I walked in the kitchen.
“So what are we going to have for dinner tonight?”I asked
My mom smiled and said “Were going to have shrimp pasta and some rice”
“Oh that sounds good” I told her. My mom always makes awesome food.
“So tomorrow’s going to be a big day for you” my mom said with excitement in her voice.
“Um it’s just my birthday mom” I told her she was acting like I was graduating from college or something.
“It’s more than that honey” my mom said
“What more is there?”I asked kind of irritated everyone was making a big deal out of it.
“You’ll see honey you’ll see” My mom said without saying anymore about it.
Well that was weird I thought to myself. Oh well ill find out what’s so special about it tomorrow. After my dad got home we ate dinner then I finished my homework then went to bed.

I was standing in the school hallway alone. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around but no one was there, then I turned back around.
“Awwwww” I jumped. A woman just appeared in front of me.
“Sorry… I dint mean to scare you Roza” the woman said to me.
I studied the woman for a minute. She looked like she was in her middle twenties. She had long red wavy hair and she wore a red dress that showed of her legs. She was pretty.
“How do you know my name?” I asked the woman
“I know all my daughters names Rose” she laughed. Her laughter filled the room; it was powerful in a way. Did she say Roza? Roza, that’s how you say my name in Russian.
“But I’m not your daughter” I told her
“Oh but you are and I have chosen you now that you are 16 my daughter”
“I’m chosen?”I asked “what that the heck does that mean?” I asked rubbing my head in confusion.
“Your life is going to change Rose” she said instead of answering my question. “You are special Rose”
“Um ok” Was all I could say.
“Give me your hand Rose” she said. I looked at the woman unable to move.” Rose” she said “you can trust me. Give me your hand”. I gave her my hand. She turned my hand over then touched my wrist.
“Awwwwww” I yelled there was a sharp pain in my wrist. I felt like it was burning then it started to cool but it still stung a little bit. I looked up at the woman but she wasn’t there a red butterfly was.

Beep Beep Beep!!! I was woken up by my alarm clock. Wow that was a weird dream. Oh well. I got dressed then went down stairs.
“Hi” I said when I saw my parents.
“Hi. Happy Birthday honey” They said to me. I smiled at them.
“We made you chocolate chip pancakes”
“Thanks mom thanks dad” I said. Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!!! We sat down at eat breakfast them I went off to school.
“Rose” I heard someone call. I looked back and saw Erik.
“Hi Erik” I said
“Happy Birthday Rose” He said to me in a sweet voice. Then he pulled a box out of his pocket and gave it to me. I looked at him and for the first time I realized how much Erik cared about me. And I could tell that he liked me more than just a friend.
“Thanks Erik”
“Well open it” He told me.
“Ok” I said. I opened the box. It was a necklace; it had white crystals on it and was in the shape of a heart.
“Thanks so much Erik” I said then hugged him.
“Hear let me put it on”
“Ok” I said then turned around so he could put it on. He put it on then studied me. We just stood there for a second.
“Hay what’s that on your wrist?”
“What?” I asked confused.
“Look at your wrist” He said.
I looked at my wrist. There was a red butterfly on my wrist. What how did that get there? Flashbacks of my dream came rushing through my mind. Is it possible?
“Wow when did you get that?” Erik asked me interrupting my thoughts.
“I’m not sure” I said. Erik gave me a weird look.
RING!!! The bell rang.
“Well ill talk to you later Erik” I said as I gave him one more hug.
“Ok I’ll see you after school” Erik said then left.
I went to class. I was distracted the whole day by my tattoo. Flashbacks of my dream kept playing in my head. After school me and Erik walked to my house. There was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner hung on the wall and a cake on the table.
We played games then eat dinner and cake then opened presents. My mom and dad got me a purse, skinny jeans, and a new sun glasses that looked really good on me.
“There’s one more” Erik said as he gave me a bag.
“Erik you shouldn’t have” I told him.
“It’s ok, I thought you would like it” he said “Just open it”
I opened it. It was a black leather jacket. “Thanks Erik” I then put the jacket on.
“Well I got to go now” he said
“Ok ill walk you home” I told him. We walked to his house, which was two houses down from mine. “Thanks for the gifts Erik” I told him
“You’re welcome” He said with a smile on his face.
We just stood there for looking at each other. Then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. And I kissed him back. The kiss was gentle. Erik broke the kiss.
“Happy birthday” he said then went inside his house.
I started to walk to my house then out of nowhere my wrist starts to hurt it felt like it was burning.
“It’s time Rose” I heard a voice say. I looked up and saw the woman from my dreams.
“Time to go where?” I asked
“Time to go where you belong” she told me
“What?” I said
“Give me your hand” she told me. I gave her my hand and the next thing I know I’m at some kind of school.
“What is this place?” I asked the woman but when I looked beside me she wasn’t there. Then all of the sudden the door to the school opens.
“Hello rose we’ve been expecting you” said the woman that opened the door. This woman was different than the one I saw before. She gestured inside the school. “I’m Paige the principle and leader here at this school. This is your new home, if you need anything you can come to me” she said. She sounded like a leader.
“Um ok” I said “What exactly is this place?” I asked.
“This is Night Fury School” she said
“What?” I asked confused.
“This is a magic school where people who are gifted like you go” Paige said.
“But I don’t have any powers or magic” I told her.
“Yes you do, you just don’t know how to use it” She said. I just looked at her.
“Have you ever seen things clearer than normal? Are you stronger than most people your age? Do you hear people’s thoughts?” She asked me.
I started thinking. I recognized that Erik liked me today. I was seeing him clearer than normal, and I am stronger than most people. Sometimes I thought I heard someone say something but they didn’t, I must have been hearing there thoughts.
“Yes’ I said shocked that this was all true.
“See this is a special school for people like you” She said putting a hand on my shoulder.
“This change everything doesn’t it?” I asked feeling like I might burst into tears.
“Yes it dos”
Paige led me up to my room that she said I would share with a roommate. I opened the door and Paige fallowed me inside.
“Hi” A girl said “You must be rose”
“Yes I’m rose” I knew it wasn’t a question but I answered anyway. Paige said goodnight and left the room.
“Ok where going to get along well as long as you ask before you barrow my stuff and help me with my work and ill help you with yours” Bella said.
“Ok sounds good” I said. I looked at what she was wearing “You have nice cloths” I told her.
“Thanks” She said smiling “Were going to be good friends”.
“I hope so” I said.
“Oh just to let you know all your cloths and most the stuff in your room are already hear” I looked at her. “Ya I know it’s weird that they got it hear so fast and no I don’t know how they do it. But don’t worry you’ll get use to all this stuff”.

The author's comments:
More to come soon :)

Beep Beep Beep!!!
“Rose get up, it’s time to get up” I heard Bella say.
“Ok” I said as I got out of bed. I looked at the time, it was 6:15 Am. I looked at Bella she was washing her face in the bathroom.
“So today is going to be your first day of school hear” Bella said
“Ya I’m kinda nervous” I said.
“Don’t be it will be fine” She said “Oh I hope you don’t mind I looked at you schedule and we have period 1, 3, 4, and 6 together”
“Oh that’s good” I said. I was so relieved that we had classes together. Me and Bella are getting along well. It turns out we have a lot in common. Like we both have that same favorite color (purple) and favorite ice cream (mint chocolate chip).
“And I’m going to introduce you to my friends at lunch” Bella said as she put eye liner on.
“Ok that sounds good” I said with a smile. I got dressed then put on my make up, then took a look at my schedule.

Rose Smith

1 per History
Mrs. Paige

2 per Lang arts Mrs. Hrin
3 per Fitness
Mr. Riando
4 per Animals
Mrs. Duque
5 per Technology Mr. Hoke
6 per Art

Mr. Duval

WOW. Me and Bella went off to our class. Right when we walked in the class room a boy walked up to us and said “Hi”
“Hi” Bella replied “Rose this is Dallas, Dallas this is rose”
“Hi” he said to me “It’s nice to meet you rose”
“Hi” I said while I studied him. He was about 3 inches taller than me. He had long black hair and brown eyes. He was built to he looked strong. In all he was cute.
“Welcome to Night Fury” Dallas said with a flirty smile.
“Thanks” I said starting to blush.
“Ok kids take a seat” said Paige the woman who I meat when I first came here. We all took a seat. I had a seat in the middle of the class next to Bella and Dallas sat in front of her.
“Rose come hear pleas” said Paige. I walked up to the front of the class.
“Everyone this is Rose smith. She is a new student hear and I would like you all to welcome her hear and be friendly”
“Hi” I said probably sounding nervous. Most of the students smiled at me, but some just stared at me.
“You may sit down now Rose” Paige told me.
I walked back to my seat and sat down. I looked in Dallas’s direction he was looking at me and smiling. I smiled back at him then he gave me a note.

Don’t be nervous you did great up there just keep your chin up. If you ever want to talk I’m hear.

I looked at Dallas and smiled.
The Period passed by fast. I was walking out the door when someone caught my arm I looked back and it was Dallas.
“Let me walk you to your next class” he said
“Ok” I said. We stood there for a couple of minutes; his hand was still grabbing my arm. Then he let go.
“Let’s go” he said
We walked to class; turns out he had the same class as me. Time flew by the next thing I knew it was lunch time. Bella and I walked to the lunch tables.
“So your friends with Dallas?”I asked Bella as we walked t the lunch table.
“No…not realy but everyone knows him he the most popular boy on school campus” Bella said.
“Oh” I said. We sat down at a table that had three other people sitting there.
“Hi guys!” Bella said to the people at the table. “This is rose”. Bella pointed to the girl that had blond hair and blue eyes. “This is Tilly”. Bella said then pointed to a girl with red hair that went a little past her hair. “That’s Betsy”. Then she pointed to a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. “And that’s Cynthia”
They all said hi and I said hi back. We all eat lunch and got along well. The rest of the day past by fast…really fast. Me and Bella weren’t really hungry so we went up to our room. We did our homework and snacked on chips and salsa, and then we went to bed.
I couldn’t sleep for some reason so I got up and went out side. The sun was starting to come up, I forgot that I sleep during the day and am awake at night. Being awake at night felt so normal. I walked a little path that led me away from the school. I came to a big tree and sat down on one of its huge ruts that were growing out of the ground.
“Needed some air?” I heard a voice say from above me. I jumped and looked up. It was Dallas.
“Dallas what are you doing out here?” I asked
“I come out here every night. I can think in peace out hear” he said “What are you doing out here?”
“I couldn’t sleep” I said. Dallas jumped down from the tree looking strong and brave. Then he sat down.
“Sit” he said. I sat down next to him.
“It’s nice out here” I told him
“It’s nicer when you have someone to share it with” he said
“Really” I asked sarcastically “That’s interesting” I said looking at him. He smiled a mischievous smile.
“Rose…I really like you. I want to be close to you and there for you.” Dallas said now sounding serious.
“I like you too. But we barley know each other” I told him.
“No…I barley know you…it would be too weird” I told him. After all it would. I’m new here and I don’t know how everyone is like I need to lay low for a while.
“Ok then I guess I’m going to have to get to know you”
“Looks like it” I said. A wind picked up all of the sudden. I shivered.
“Hear “Dallas said while taking of his jacket. He put the jacket over my shoulders. I could feel the warmth of his hands through the jacket. His hands were still on my shoulders then he whispered in my ear “I really like you, and you’re important to me”
I turned to face him. My face was an inch from his. Our lips could almost graze each others. And I wanted to kiss him. I started to lean then he pulled into his arms and kissed me. His hands were around my waist keeping me close to him and my hands were around his neck. Then he pulled away. We were both breathing heavy “We should get inside” he said.
I looked at him “Ok” I said. Dallas walked me to my room. We walked in silence, but it wasn’t an awkward silence it was nice, peaceful. We finally got to my room. “I had a good time” I said now knowing what else to say.
“Ya me to” he said smiling “You should get some sleep” he kissed me lightly on the lips then left.
I walk into my room. I was glad to see that Bella was still sleeping. I quietly got into bed then went to sleep with lots on my mind.

The author's comments:
More to come in 2-4 weeks.

“Hay you seem really happy what’s up?” Bella asked me the next morning.

Bella was my friend she took me in. could I trust her? I can. I mean after all she is my only friend here. I can trust her. After all she is the only one I can trust.
“Well” I said “I saw Dallas last night”
“OH MY GOD! really what happened!?” she said excited now looking at me with eager eyes.
“Well I went for a walk last night and ran into him.” I said feeling nervous.
“What happened?” Bella pushed forward.
“Well we were talking and it got cold so he let me barrow his jacket.”
“Awww that’s sweet.” she said.
“Then we kissed” I blurted. I felt my checks get really warm.
“But I don’t know If were like …together or not” I said looking down.
“Oh …well don’t worry you should find out soon.” Bella said. I could tell she was trying to make me feel better.
“Ya your right” I sighed.
“Well let’s hurry up and get to class” Bella said changing the subject. We finished getting ready then went to class.
I couldn’t help glancing in Dallas’s direction from time to time. But he was never looking at me. Had I just been played? Was he ignoring me? I didn’t know what to think so I decided to just let it go……for now.
Class ended and Dallas did not offer to walk me to our next class this time so I walked to my next class alone. The rest of the day seemed to drag on. I couldn’t wait till school was over so I could go to my room.
I cannot believe Dallas ignored me the whole day. I did my homework and decided I wouldn’t let Dallas get to me. I didn’t need him anyway. After me and Bella where don with our homework I went bed a little early and Bella went to go hang out with friends. After about two or three hours I woke up. Bella want back yet. She probably stayin out with friends still. Everyone else was asleep.
I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t so I went outside in my short shorts and tank top. It was cold outside but I didn’t care. I started to wonder around. I looked up at the sky. I could see the sun start to come up, it was beautiful. I saw gazing up at the sky when someone touched my shoulder. I turned around.
“Dallas?” I asked wondering why he was here
“Hey Rose what are you doing out here?” Dallas asked. What now he was interested in what I was doing.
“Why do you care?”
“Um well you’re out here by yourself in short shorts and a tank top so I’m a little worried”
“Well you shouldn’t be. I can take care of myself”
“Why are you mad at me?”
“I don’t know. Why did you kiss me then ignore me?”
“I’m sorry Rose I…I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just didn’t know what happened”
“You shouldn’t have ignored me!” I had raised my voice
“I’m sorry what do you want me to do?”
“I want you to tell me what’s going on and what happened last night”
“I don’t know Rose I”
I cut him of “I feel like I’ve just been played and you don’t even care!”
“I do care Rose… I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t really know what happened last night either. But I do like you Rose” he said more softly
“I like you to… but I don’t know if I can trust you”
“I’m sorry… d…do you want to be with me Rose”
“I…Yes. I like you Dallas. And I don’t know why but I do…a lot”
“Ok then we’re together” he said as he grabbed my hand and began to smile. “Boyfriend and girlfriend”
I looked down at our laces fingers. His hand was so warm. “That sounds good” I said smiling back at him.  <3
“You know what I realized?” I asked Dallas as we walked hand in hand back to my room.
“What?” Dallas asks smiling
“We always meet each other out here when everyone is asleep at night…I mean morning”
“Hmmm your right” he said when we reached my door. “Well I’ll see you tomorrow ok”
“Ok” he gave me a kiss on the forehead then left.

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on Aug. 12 2011 at 8:20 pm
emilybwrites SILVER, Villa Hills, Kentucky
5 articles 0 photos 112 comments

Favorite Quote:
last night i lay in bed, looking up at the stars and i thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling?

fantastic job, keep up the good work! please please check out my free-verse poem "Forgotten Domain" and please comment i hope you like it!

Rozaa SILVER said...
on Jan. 30 2011 at 6:18 pm
Rozaa SILVER, San Marcos, California
5 articles 0 photos 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
I love it when my fingers are entwined in yours, and the tingly sensation i got when you touched me. It made me feel so safe so loved; so totally bouned to you. forver. And i still am even though you left me.

Thak you! I will do that in the next chapter i write, and i will look at your novels and what not to :)

Rozaa SILVER said...
on Jan. 30 2011 at 6:14 pm
Rozaa SILVER, San Marcos, California
5 articles 0 photos 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
I love it when my fingers are entwined in yours, and the tingly sensation i got when you touched me. It made me feel so safe so loved; so totally bouned to you. forver. And i still am even though you left me.

Thak you! i will do that in the next chapter i write, and i will look at your novels and what not to :)

on Jan. 29 2011 at 9:28 pm
rainbowwaffles BRONZE, Stony Brook, New York
2 articles 0 photos 89 comments

I agree, it's very good, but there is a lot of dialogue. Lots of dialogue isn't necessarily bad, you just need to show some emotions from the characters as well. Also, with the dialogue, you should punctuate it correctly. "Hi," he said. There should be a comma before the closing quote, and then the "he" "she" "they" "we" "his" or "her" should be lower case after the quotation mark (as shown here). Unless it's a name, of course. Just a bit of constructive criticism :)

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on Jan. 29 2011 at 11:39 am
Timekeeper DIAMOND, Cary, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over a garbage can and says 'That's Punk'?, and I say 'No that's trendy'!"- Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

I like it, but it feels very dialogue heavy. I want to know what the characters are feeling and doing, not just what they're saying!


Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it, it's in the novel section.

Rozaa SILVER said...
on Jan. 25 2011 at 5:45 pm
Rozaa SILVER, San Marcos, California
5 articles 0 photos 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
I love it when my fingers are entwined in yours, and the tingly sensation i got when you touched me. It made me feel so safe so loved; so totally bouned to you. forver. And i still am even though you left me.

Please coment on my book if you read it and tell me your opinion on it. Thanks :)