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Wild Ride

January 22, 2011
By sweetblood6, madison, Alabama
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sweetblood6, Madison, Alabama
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life is hard...death, us easy. peaceful- twilight:new moon

Author's note: this just popped in my head one day when i was watching a movie "Underworld" and i was imagining it from my point of view.


You’d think that after everything that had happened over the pat few weeks I would have learn my lesson to never trust people again when it came to down to doing what’s right and doing what’s needed. Well, what I didn’t know was that even though you don’t feel pain physically, like getting punched in the head a couple of times or having your face slapped so many times you think your nose is broken. Even mentally you know the way you think will never be the same again, because even then you cant trust the decisions you make when you end up killing someone.
My name is Alexis Banks and I’m a killer.

ROBBY!”I screamed over the rain, he was going to get us killed if he couldn’t keep the car in the right lane.
The car swerved to the right nearly running into the red pick up truck in the next lane. I looked down into the car window to look at Robby Gibson with a evil glare, we were on the highway after midnight now and I was on the top of the car trying to be inconspicuous by trying to get a good shot at the guy I was supposed to take out. He was in a black jeep flying through cars like it’s a speed chase but I wasn’t having that. My hands were freezing since we were living in New York City in the middle October, not to mention it was raining too. I was not planning on being sick tomorrow for my birthday; turning 18 is the most important thing to me right now. My dad, Peter Banks, has me running around the world killing people that are trying to kill his business. The only thing is I don’t know what the heck business is about, but I have a feeling that Robby is in on the whole thing. He’s been coming with me to the killings, and walking me home when I’m done with the job, and things have been looking very shaking lately. I think my dad is putting him up to this, why? Well my dad has something he’s been hiding that’s been making him look real nervous the past few days and he needs Robby to help him, but I can’t? I just think it’s the fact that I’m a girl and they stick me with all the things nobody else wants to do. The car swerved again and the gun in my hand shook
“What?” Robby said in a deep voice
“Are you trying to get me killed, could you at least to stay in the right lane for five minutes!” I shouted angrily over the heavy rain
“I’m trying to make it easy for you, all we’ve been doing is stalking the guy. When are we going to get in on the action?”
Suddenly, the jeep quickly turned into a rest stop on the right side of the road.
“There’s your action!” I smiled from ear to ear” Come on, follow him!”
“I’m trying, this lady in front of me won’t move,” he said in frustration
“How about this?” I asked him. I cocked the gun and shot the back of the lady’s car just below the lenses plate. The car swerved uncontrollably and turned over into a field of grass
“Like we have a cover, did you forget were we live this may be the city of lights, but it’s also a city full of angry and impassionate killing people!”
“I don’t care if-“ I cut him off by cocking the gun and I raised my eyebrow
“Okay!” he shouted
I climbed back into the car through the window making the seat wet then looked at Robby “are you going to get him or should I?”
“I…” he stared blank out the window still in shock at the car still rolling down hill
“I guest that means I’m doing it” I climbed into the drivers seat and Robby moved into my seat without moving the car. I took the wheel and turned the car around in a sharp u-turn and followed the jeep into the rest stop. He parked in front of a motel the car was still on, but the guy was inside making a reservation.
“Robby?” I asked, “What do think he’s doing?” the guy got back inside his car and drove into the closer spot for his room. He walked to room 24 and looked back outside before he closed the door.
“Do you think we should go in?” I asked
“I don’t know I just want to go home and sleep!” he huffed and slid down into the seat
“Then go and I’ll do it myself like before you got here and ruined everything for me!” I yelled angrily
“Well I would if I could, except, you don’t seem to know everything that’s going on around you. I’m trying to help you!” he yelled back
“How Are you trying to help me when you’re yapping about me to my father? Every little mistake I make or something that you think is dangerous, I get in trouble for what? Because you’re mad that I have something to do when you’re stuck following me!” tears were running down my face but I didn’t care he came into my time expecting a smile and a easy job, but I’m not so easy to handle when it comes to my job and if he didn’t like it he might as well just leave.
“DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF!” he shrieked covering his ears
“What?” I asked in frustration
“Are you so self centered that you don’t even see what’s in front of you? Do you even know what goes on in your dad’s office? What he’s planning? Do you know what goes on besides you and me everyday on the same little adventure? Do you even know why you’re doing this?” he whispered the last part now looking at me very seriously.
I turned my head away and asked, “Why are you asking me all these questions?”
I heard him sighed then opened the door getting out of the car then shutting it behind him.
“Stay here” he ordered me in a tired voice
He walked down the sidewalk and opened the door to the motel. I’m guessing he was planning on staying then. I wiped the tears from my face so he wouldn’t see them. I don’t know why he asked me those questions, but it looked as if he knew it though.
Robby’s like the brother I always wanted, but sometimes he gets on my nerves.
He’s only 22, five years older than me, but he’s still a kid at heart and that’s a good thing for me cause If my dad haired a jerk I’d be mad, but who knew that somebody your father would higher ends up being your best friend.
Robby came out of the building and walked back to the car. He stopped at my window.
“Were going to chill out here see what happens, then when he leaves which will be sometime after dark where he can get some cover.” He sighed and stepped back to open my door. ”Come on, I’ll explain the rest inside” he said
I hopped down from the car and we walked to the room 28 he opened the door and we stepped inside. It was carpeted and had one bed with a flower sheet on top and two simple chairs to go alone with it. The bathroom was the same, all flowers.
“I’m sorry,” I told him quietly “about what I said, you didn’t really ruin it for me” I said going to seating in one of the chairs it was surprisingly soft “you made it better”
“It’s alright,” he said ruffling my hair a little bit.
“So, what’s the full story?” I asked as he lade down on the bed
“By the looks of it, he’s staying for two days, probably waiting for someone” he whispered
“How do you know that he’s staying for two day? And how come your so tried, you weren’t the one on top of a car” I pointed out
“I tipped the lady at the front desk a little extra, and I’m not tired” he said
“A little?” I asked, “Were not in Vegas Robby,” I teased him. He always wanted to go to Vegas. My dad would have him so busy sometimes that he could never take enough time off to go, but we were all to our selves here. An idea popped up in my head, why didn’t I think of it before.
“Robby!” I said excitedly
“Yah?” he looked a little surprised at why my face was so happy.
“Don’t you see it?” I said still looking over excited
“See what?” he looked at my face with amusement
“Robby, don’t you see we can finally go to Vegas!” I shrieked over the last part unable to hold it in.
“Wait, what?” he said with surprise all over he face
“Come on, Robby we can go to Vegas and stay at least a week and come back and nobody would know!” I was partly jumping off the seat with excitement
“I don’t know X, what about the hit?” he looked towards the door as if the man was just behind the door. “You can’t just let him live if were going to go to Vegas” he smiled at me knowing that I would do anything to go to Vegas with him right now. I picked up my gun off the floor and checked to see if I had enough bullets. I was going to make them wish they never met me. Something was defiantly wrong with me inside the head.
“Wow, you would really do anything, huh?” he smiled
“Yes, now come on!” I said impatiently hopping in my seat
“Alright, alright” he laughed and got up from the bed and put his arm over my shoulder, which was about the length of both my arms. As we walked out the door and I knew that this was going to be some weekend.

Robby and I where in front of the guy’s door listening hard for anything unusual, you know when you get that I’m doing something crazy and I don’t care feeling in your chest? I got that feeling right now. It’s practically radiating right off of me.
“You ready?” Robby asked quietly
“Are you ready?” I asked him with a smile on my face, even though Robby has had a good amount of time for training for stuff like this. I don’t think he’s had enough training if he’s going to be with me when he can’t even keep a car in the right lane for more than five minutes.
Robby put his foot in the right position to knock the door down. I nodded to give that it was okay and that there was talking inside. He knocked the door down and we busted inside I took out my gun smoothly and tried to aim at the guy I saw outside, but there was at least eighteen guys inside the tinny room. WHAT THE HELL! Were did all of them come from? Robby was the first one to take the shot, which is saying something. I took the guy that I saw outside and handcuffed him in closet I wanted to ask him some questions before I killed him. I took the next shot at a guy with the biggest mustache I’ve ever seen in all my life as a teen, I took him right in the head. We were making a lot of nose, but what did you expect from a motel in the middle of who knows where. The guy in back of me tried to get me in the back with a knives but I swung just I time to get him right in the eye, Robby swung over to me, now we were back to back. It was kind of cool it was like we were in the this cool movie when all the action takes place and were just shooting like crazy, It was like a gun was built underneath the skin of my hand or something because the only thing I’ve come close enough was a gun, My dad never even looked at me twice when I was in the same room as him and his clients, don’t get me wrong my dad loves me, but he’s different when it’s just him my mom and I together. It’s sad in a daughter never gets her father daughter dance sort of way. My mom’s in on the gig to, she handles the guns, she found a bazooka once and I got to try it and blasted half of the kitchen out into the driveway. She always saves the best one for me, but my dad doesn’t know, he doesn’t know a lot about his men that he takes in, so it’s sort of my job to handle them until he can trust them enough to meet him face to face, but I know what he like’s.
I felt a burn right across my left cheek.” AHH!”
Crap. I wasn’t paying attention. Robby shot him dead center in the head, which must of hurt. I felt something oozing down on my face, I touched my face with my right hand looked down at it. Blood. There was blood oozing down my left cheek. Just great, what’s my dad going to say when he sees me today for the week update. The closet door suddenly turned into frenzy, and I remembered that I put the guy in there. I looked around the room just in time to see one guy behind me coming at me with a knife in his hand. I wanted it to be a fare fight, so I took out my knife and smiled at him.
“JANE, THIS IS NOT PLAY TIME!” Robby yelled at me. He was in the corner piling up bodies in a corner.
“Stay out of it Robby” I said
“You want to play little girl,” the guy said to me looking at Robby then me every few seconds
“ Don’t worry he wont do anything,” I told him quietly we were circling now and I lifted my hand an inch, which he didn’t miss. He ran towards me and slashed the knife in my face missing by inches but I knew he would miss; he was already close so all I had to do was plug the knife into his chest. I turned it and the man groaned and put his hands on his stomach I took it out hard and fast then took my gun out of my right hip pocket and shot him in the same place I stabbed him.
He fell down right on his back with a loud thump. I turned back to Robby with a smile then looked back at the closet door that was going into frenzy. I opened the door slowly and the guy crashed into the door trying to get free.
“What the hell!” I breathed
He knocked into the door again so I let it go of the door making him fall to ground. I put my weight on him trying to hold him down. He still had the cuffs in him so it was a little easier, but he was really strong.
“Robby? Some help,” I asked trying to get free
“Oh, I thought you wanted me to stay out of it?” he said shaking his head
“Can you just-“I cut of as the man jump up on top of me and licked my face where the scar was. I screamed and tried to push him off. He growled at me and a sharp pain hit me in my neck I screamed again and I felt Robby trying to pry the man fingers of my shoulders I started to lose concisions the last thing I heard was a gunshot. Then everything went black.

* * *

When I woke up everything was just a mist in my eyes and I slowly realized that I was being carried. My head was swaying left to right and it was making me sick I groaned pulling my self more into reality.
“Robby?” I couldn’t see anything. My head was covered with some black cloth and it was getting hard to breath.
“I’m right here, just a few more seconds and well be there” he murmured
“What happened back there?” I whispered
He didn’t say anything and I started getting real nervous I hope he wasn’t taking me to go see…I stopped and I couldn’t breath I started gasping and twisting and turning out of Robby’s grip on me.
“It’s going to be okay X, he’s not going to say anything. You don’t even know what’s going on” he whispered to me “Jane stop, it’s going to be okay”
He stopped and the air around us changed it was nice and hot compared to out side. We weren’t far from his office I could feel it. And I was scared out of my bones of what he would say to me. Robby started walking again for about five minutes and stopped. I knew we were in front of his office then, he knocked on the door three times and waited. “It’s okay Jane, you’ll be fine once you know the truth”
The truth? What is he talking about? And what the hell happened back there?
“Come in” said my father
Robby set me down on my feet and removed the cloth from my face I could see a little bit everything was still a blur but I still couldn’t move. He opened the door and walked me down into one of the seats then took my hand. I looked down afraid of what he’d say.
“Thank you Robby” he sounded appreciative, not furious. I looked up a little through my wet bangs
“Anytime sir” Robby said
“Let me talk to her alone Robby, I’d like to tell her what’s be going on.” He sounded ashamed
Robby nodded and got up and the chair squeaked a little he looked at me with a sad smile and patted my hands then left the room with a soft click of the door.
“Alexis?” My dad whispered
“Y-yes?” I stuttered
“I am so proud of you” he got up from his desk and sat down next to me on seat and took my hand. “ And your mother never forget that”
What? Why was he saying all this to me? Was someone dieing?
“ Now listen X, what I’m about to tell you may seem a little crazy and unbelievable, but you have to trust me on this, okay? He looked at me with the same brown eyes staring at him. I nodded and he seemed to relax a little.
“Alright, your 18th birthday is tomorrow and there’s going to be some changes on that day” he rushed
“What do you mean? I’m not going to go crazy and get drunk dad, I don’t even want anything” I lied. He knew I wanted a car, but not just any car, my car, the Porsche he stashed in the back of the house, but he doesn’t know I found it.
“Like that could be possible,” he laughed but turned serious again.
“Look, I know you wont believe me when I say this but” he stopped and took a deep breath then looked me in the eye but I still couldn’t see my eyes were still blocked up like I was looking in fog on a dark night. What the heck was going on? I turned my eyes somewhere else and tried looking at the carpet.
“In the morning you’ll find something about your self you wont like.” He said sternly.
I tried to look at him but my eyes were still a mist.
“What do you mean?” I said my voice thick with worry. Me eyes started to go gray from the inside. “Dad?” I cried
“What?” I didn’t know if he was looking at me or not. I tried to look for him but all I saw was grayness
“Are you okay?” he asked in a worry voice
“No, I can’t see”
“What!” I felt hands take my face I knew he was looking at me. I let my eyes wonder trying to find something, anything that wasn’t gray.
“What does everything look like?” he asked in a small voice
“Everything is gray” I closed my eyes trying to remember the color red before I go mad
“It’s already starting,” he whispered
“What’s starting?” I whispered back
“Come on we need to hurry before anything else starts, and we need to find Robby” he pulled me off the seat and dragged me out the door.
“ROBBY!” he screamed through the hallway
“Yes?” he came from behind one the thick stones in the hallway
“It’s starting, we need to get her down into the basement” he already begun to pull me again and I nearly tripped over my feet
“How are you doing?” Robby asked me
I looked around but it was no good I lifted my hand up and felt around for him but there was just air flowing threw my hands. My dad made another turn and kept running, and I was out of breath.
“What’s wrong with her?” Robby asked angrily
“She can’t see,” he growled back
“Don’t you think we should call them?” that stopped him from running and I ran right into him.
“Call who?” I managed to ask, my legs where shaking and I couldn’t stand up straight.
“Dad?” I whispered trying to tell him
“Yes?” again, I felt his hand on my face and I collapsed my head slipped from his hands and hit the floor with a loud crack and I couldn’t feel my legs.
“Don’t you think we should call them now? They’ll know what to do!” I heard Robby yell
I felt like I was being shut down, my eyes, legs and now I couldn’t even put my hand in a fist without crying. I tried breathing slow and even but the air didn’t come I tried to pull my self back to tell them who ever they were arguing about needs to come fast. The grayness was over powering me, and I drifted like a fog on a cold night.

“I think she’s coming around,” said a unfamiliar voice
“She’s going to be okay?” I heard my dad say
“ She’s just a little different, Peter” the unfamiliar voice said
I tried to open my eyes but it was shut tight, I couldn’t see anything but the darkness they put me in. I wonder what they were doing to me? I couldn’t feel anything, but I had the wildest thought that I was supposed to be in pain. A hand touched my face softly, my dad, and I relaxed a little, I could still feel but it was different. I couldn’t tell what I was laying on I couldn’t tell if it was soft or hard I didn’t know if I was dreaming to tell you the truth, everything seemed to go on without me like I was just frozen. The unfamiliar voice didn’t say anything else about me but I would like to know what is going on. My dad cleared his throat loudly and I felt his breath brush across my face and I knew he was right there.
“X, can you here me?” he whispered
The unfamiliar voice explained that I could hear him but couldn’t respond because of what’s happening to my body, that’s it needs to slow down into a rhythm its not familiar with, and change the habits it’s also not familiar with. What the hell was he talking about? And why is this happening in the first place? Am I dieing or something?
He took a shuttering breath and tried again
“X, I know you wont like what your about to hear but I think it’s better to tell you myself” he took another deep breath.
” Alexis a few years ago your health wasn’t all that great, it was when you were about 6 years old and- “ he stopped and took my hand in his it was very soft like I was holding a baby’s hand. The unfamiliar voice toke over and I heard my dad soft quite tears.
“Alexis, I sorry me didn’t get to meet before this happened, but my name is Ben Billiard ” said Ben” what your father is trying to tell you is that you were very sick when you were little and he came to me knowing that I knew how to save you, but there was an arrangement that had to be made when you turned 18 and in exchange I would save you”
What does this arrangement have to do with me?
“I know your wondering what could matter so much that your dad had to come to me instead of any old hospital” he said with a nervous laugh” well you had a strange case a very rare one, but it’s not a problem anymore. The problem is that we needed your help, so your dad made a promise to me that he would give you the training you need so by the time you turn 18 you would be ready, but we will give you the full details when you’re fully awake” A hand patted my leg then took my other hand the one my dad wasn’t holding to check my heart beat.
“Don’t worry peter she’s fine. In fact, she should be waking up in a few moments” he said
“It’s going to be okay, you’re going to be okay” I heard my dad whisper
My eyes began to water I felt them unstuck slowly the light they found out side burned a little from so much darkness.
My fingers started to twitch waking up on their own and I blinked rapidly. I felt weird hollow even, but I almost felt as if everything was change in the world and I stayed behind, but why?
“Dad?” my voice sound strange it was higher than what it should be, after all I was unconscious for all that time it should have been backed up with frogs.
“Ben!” he cheered
“I told you she’s was going to be okay,” Ben said
“Alexis” he voice had love and care linked into it
I opened my eyes fully and stared at everything around the room in wonder, but this was impossible. My eyes cached everything in the room and everything was clear and bright.
“Alexis, are you okay?” Ben asked
I looked at him for the first time and realized that there was something special about him. He was different from anyone I’ve met, and I liked it, he had dark wild hair to mach the pal skin and dark black eyes. He was dressed in a doctor’s coat over his regular clothes, which were surprisingly sharp. I want to know the hell is going on. I’m tired of everything in my life with the whole killing people thing everyday and what Robby said to me in the car suddenly made sense. Why the hell was I doing this? Where is he? I still wish I could go to Vegas with Robby; we wanted to go a lot of places together like Rome or Paris maybe even Hawaii.
“Um…” I looked at him then my dad “ I’m okay, just a little…” I could sum it up to explain why I was like this, seeing this way and smelling every fabric in the room like I’ve been doing it all my life..
“Okay!” popped Ben rubbing his hands together “It seems that this worked out well, just the way I wanted it to” he smiled at me like he new my secret or something
“Now,” he started again “I want you to tell me something”
“What?” I asked
“What do you see in my hand?” he held his hand up and I looked to see a very very small grain of rice. Like it was chopped in half or something.
“I don’t see anything” peter said as he looked down into Ben’s hand
“I know, but she can and I can,” he told him
“It’s a grain of rice” I answered his question
“Yes, so do you know why you’re seeing this? He looked at me with an unusual sneer
“Not really” when I looked at dad he slid his head down to avoid my wondering eyes
“Well, when your dad came to me about the issue that you were sick and I told him about the problem that I had. We both promised each other an exchange”
“Which was?” I asked looking down at dad’s hand in mine afraid to now the answer
“You” he said normally
I sighed and looked up thinking that it wasn’t possible
“Dad is this true?” I asked him
“Yes” he whispered
I couldn’t believe it; my own dad sold me? What the hell!

My dad kept looking at me watching for any way that I understood, but I didn’t. How did this crap even start in the first place?
“You sold me to save me?” I asked in a hard voice
“ It’s not like that, I didn’t sell you” he said in an unimpressive voice
“ Well, tell me what it is that you did, so I can understand”
“Well…” he stuttered
“Yes?” I pushed him
He swallowed and looked around the room avoiding my eyes
“ I’m sorry, I didn’t sell you and it’s not how you think. It’s more complicated then that” he looked back at me then Ben
Ben sighed and looked at me with an unhappy face at how my dad was handling this.
“Okay… the thing is, Alexis is that your dad promised me that you could do a little job for me when you got old enough for it.”
“ Which is what?” I asked to graciously
“Well, I have a test first before I tell you exactly what your going to do, just to make sure your well equipped with the task you’ll have to do.” He looked at me then to peter.
A nock called our attention to the door. Ben opened it and walked in was Robby
A smile broke across my face; he looked around the room stopping when he saw me.
“Hey” he walked up to the cot I was laying on a smiled “ little strange isn’t it?”
“ What do you mean?” I asked
He looked at peter and then at Ben and said “ you didn’t tell her?”
“Tell me what?” But no one looked at me
“ Maybe we should let them talk Peter” Ben said
“ Maybe” he got up and left the room with Ben, leaving me alone with Robby.
“ What the hell is going on Robby? I know you know something.”

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