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Dear princess: chapter 1

May 30, 2011
By Yuumei, phoenix, Arizona
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Yuumei, Phoenix, Arizona
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"that"s just how it is.'

Author's note: this is only chapter one of a project I've been working on for not too long. There's probably a TON of mistakes.

The author's comments:
ther's probably mistakes. Chapter two comes out when i beat my laziness.


This child, nearly meeting of age 6, was beloved. By the butlers and the maids, by the teachers and the tutors, and even by the house in which she lived. They all loved the dirty blond hair that warmly coated her face, her lavender eyes that never once filled with tears, her smile that not only brightened her face, but the face of all within a mile of the small child.

This child was a princess, never rude and never bitter. When she drank tea she never commented on the bold, pungent taste. She never complained about the shoes that tore her feet. She never spoke too much or too little and never, ever cried.

The princess lived when there was only one continent, one nation, Yunajiva. This is the combinations of the terms: Yuna, meaning love or affection and Jiva, meaning cure or heal. These together signify that the inhibitors protect and revive the new nation and commit loyalty to it. This magical kingdom exists in no known time, but like you, they had something they treasured above all, their precious princess.

“Samuel?” the young girl cooed as she trotted down the large, winded, marble stair case. The bottom of her slippers clicked pleasantly with every step she took and echoed through the many hallways. “Samuel…” she called again, speaking loader and more clear.
At last a response; a mildly tall boy around the age of 20 with his golden hair brushed to the side awaited her at the bottom of the stairs. She examined him; he was wearing a nicely fitted suit and his bright blue eyes matched the color of his silk tie perfectly. His overall appearance could be described as elegant or poised and he was never a hand away from brilliance. “What would you like for breakfast Miss?” he questioned
“Could I please have an egg?” she asked in the most persuasive voice she could conjure.
“Cooked?” asked Samuel as if he were taking notes.
“Scrambled.” she answered.
“Absolutely” he spoke as if he were still recording.
“ Thank you, and please give the chef my highest regards.” with that, the small girl positioned her self slightly supported by the staircase railing and met her lips to Samuel’s cheek, then climbed back up the steps to dress. She had always thought of Samuel with a siblings affection, he was all she knew of one.

When the girl bounced back down the stairs, she wore a beautiful pink Victorian dress, a pair of Mary Jane shoes with matching stockings and a large bow placed atop her head.
“ I will be in the garden if anyone searches for me.” she announced to Samuel and Jane, an extremely beautiful maid, before turning and walking calmly to the back door and disappearing.

To the small child, inside and outside where different worlds. She was quiet and polite inside but outside she would tell stories to her loyal subjects, the frogs and dig large holes behind the bushes which would be used as rooms in her imaginary house. While counting flowers that morning she overheard children talking behind the wall. The seemed to be in the ages of 15 or 16. “Have you ever seen the princess?” one questioned the to other two.

“No, but I heard that she’s a bitter old witch who can’t leave the house or else she skin will melt away!” the other replied.

“ That’s nonsense!” the third intruded, “ I heard she is simply ugly and fat so she won’t leave her room!” This upset the princess. She climbed up a tall oak, hoping to spot the children but the princess couldn’t even see past the large gate. As she squinted harder the branch she was sitting on started to bend, forcing the girl to slide off. As she prepared to splatter onto the ground she was caught by the two rough gloves worn by the hands of a stranger. He looked to be Samuel’s age and wore a large trench coat, black beanie and thick grey boots. He set the child down gently and began to walk away but the young girl tugged on one of the large torn sleeves, forcing him to halt.
The girl smiled brightly and announced, “My name is Lavender!”.

“Alright…” the man answered puzzled and began to walk away but again Lavender pulled him to a stop.

“ What’s yours?” she asked excitedly. The stranger looked confused but then answered,


But before the man could even start to walk away again Lavender abruptly declared, “We’re friends now, okay?!” and without waiting for a response she began to lead him inside.

Lavender, the small princess brought Lyman through the huge doors that she patiently waited for him to open himself, after all, that is what gentlemen do as Lavender had learned from her training. Samuel waited at the bottom of the steps his usual position but this time accompanied by Beatrice, a beautiful maid of the household. Beatrice had long, dark brown hair that was neatly set into two large braids, each about four inches wide, one on each side leading to her knees. She worn an elegant black and white maid uniform a litter longer than her hair with puffy sleeves, black shoes and long white socks that covered her calves. Her eyes were muddy brown as was her younger sister’s ,Vertiline, who also serviced the household.

The two stared at the man accompanying their lovely princess not knowing what to do but, as trained, hid this feeling. “ Lavender,” Samuel called after regaining himself, “I must ask to speak with you in the athenaeum.” Lavender was aware that athenaeum is just another name for a library so, as commanded, she looked at Lyman’s expression which was those of a captive to another planet, then let go of his hand that she had held tightly and directed herself to the destination.

Samuel cleared his throat before saying, “Beatrice,” the maid was suddenly alarmed.

“Y…Yes sir!?” She caught herself and straightened her back.

“Please take this man to the lavatory and check him for armory, and refrain from distracting others from going about their tasks.” the butler commanded.

“Yes sir!” she repeated and did exactly as told.

“ Who is this man?” Samuel asked remaining in his calm tone and relaxed face.

“ He is my companion which I met in the garden this morning and as a guest I expect you to treat him with respect and an appropriate welcome.” Lavender announced. Samuel was to respect the princess and her decisions and interfere only when her health or well being was concerned.

He paused for a moment in silence to recover his control his tone and continued slowly, “…Yes…very good then…” he then escorted her out of the room adding, “ Mrs. Fraught shall be here soon and your tardiness will not be looked upon with acceptance.”

Mrs. Fraught was the etiquette tutor. She was a fairly tall woman in her mid forties who was once described by one of the maids as stiff and stale. Mrs. Fraught was not a very exciting person and neither was her husband, Mr. Iam Fraught who came to the residence every afternoon to retrieve his wife after the lesson was done. The was a short chubby man who’s eyes were bulgy and dead as for lack expression with a light scent of alcohol and cigarettes. This lower face was stubby for lack of shaving.

Samuel and Lavender returned to the main corridor to find that in their absence Lyman had been dressed and groomed into a handsome gentleman worthy of full respect from an upper class as if he could pass for one himself. After taking time to examine him and to fully feel gratitude towards Beatrice for her talents Lavender said in a smooth, kind tone, “ Mr. Lyman, would you care to join me and Mrs. Fraught for tea today?” Lyman, still rather confused felt that tea would be greatly appreciated in such chaos. He concentrated and recited the word a few times in his head before saying in his most respectful, mature tone, “ I would be honored, Miss Lavender.”

Lavender gave no response but to smile kindly and nod her head to the side a bit as to approve. She and Lyman made to a large, marble and tile room with an extensive table placed in the center, capable of handling at least 20 people but the only on who sat there was Mrs. Fraught accompanied by Florence, a maid in charge of the tea cart. Lavender walked in silently and found a seat. She planted her arms on the seat of the tall chair and pulled herself up. Lyman, amused with the new setting looked around curiously as he sat in a chair a few spaces down from the small child. As soon as everyone was seated and comfortable, Florence began to set a porcelain cup and saucer in front of each then proceeded to fill each with tea from a long, silver pot then quietly reattended her station. Lyman excitedly held the cup to his lips and sipped the warm liquid. The awful, repulsive taste stung in his mouth. Tightly holding in the overwhelming urge the spit it out he swallowed it densely in one large lump trying not to attract attention.

He looked over to Lavender pleadingly and she looked back calmly but sternly, then pressed the cup to her own mouth, sipped the tea, then swallowed it naturally with no show of effect. To prove her point, she set the cup back on the saucer tranquilly and refocused her eyes back to the center of the table. Lyman spotted a small, silver display filled with sugar packets, biscuits and cakes Florence had placed on the table, not far from him. With stealth, he lunged forward and grabbed a few sugar packets and retuned to a calm state before anyone could notice. He then dropped a napkin beside him and lowered himself below the table top and silently moved over to Lavender and offered her the small packets. Lavender looked over at him and whispered, “I appreciate the thought but a princess doesn’t need cheats, now, would you please have a seat.” Astonished at the girl’s wisdom, Lyman did just as she said and returned to his seat and continued to drink just a Lavender had and made certain he finished all of it as Lavender did. Noticing this, the young girl said, “ Could I offer you some more tea, Lyman?” The boy hesitated, “Um… no thank you…” trying very hard not sound rude. Lavender smiled a bright, sincere smile at him then tuned her focus back the table and started a conversation with Mrs. Fraught. Lyman sat quietly and thought about Lavender’s exultant smile, it felt so kind and tender that he could help but to continue it would happen again and again. “Lyman!” a loud voice disturbed his thoughts. He looked over at the source, Samuel stood at the door motioning for him to come. Lyman got up and moved over to the door without taking his gaze of The blond Boy. Samuel hushed him behind the door quickly and presented him with a note, completely typed. Lyman read over it abruptly then paused in horror. It was a threat letter to bomb the house hold.

“Leave now and you can proceed to live as you were but I promise you that if you stay, there will be more letters, more problems, and more sacrifice than you’ve ever experienced before. May I remind you that you are in no way capable to raise a child let alone a queen. If you make ONE mistake now you will put the future of this earth at risk. Would you really put yourself in that position? I advise you choose now.” Samuel hissed at Lyman as he backed into a corned, seeming to grow larger by the step. Lyman backed down confused and scared till he remembered lavender bravely showing him how to drink the tea. He knitted his fingers through his shaggy black hair sorting out his final thoughts. “uh…if it’s alright… I’d like to stay here…and not because it seem a better option than living on the street but because… well… I’m not sure… It’s Lavender…she…” the boy managed to mumble out still fiddling with the few strands of hair in his hand. “I know the feeling,” Samuel admitted smiling, “Well, be it as you wish.” with that he gave an easy smile and walked down the hall way and out of sight.

Lyman proceeded to his seat sill mildly confused. He sat down and refocused on his empty tea cup. He continued this for about ten more minutes till he was disturbed by the two woman leaving the table. He hesitantly stood up as well and followed behind them as they engulfed in a pointless conversation about weather. Standing aside the exit was Samuel.

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