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Could We Change Things If We Really Wanted To? MAG

By Anonymous

   Could we change things if we really wanted to? I recently heard a line similar to this while listening to "Bosnia," by the Cranberries, on my walkman during a car trip. This passed time I would have spent staring out the window waiting to arrive at the gates of wherever we were going. For at least fifteen minutes, I forgot all about where we were going, or that my sister just stolen some of my candy. I thought about that line.

Could things change if we wanted them to? Could we stop all wars and send the soldiers back to their families peacefully? Could we tell the terrorists to take up a hobby? Could we stop the hunger of so many people on the planet? Could we give medical attention to people who needed it? Could we stop the murder, rape, and crime committed every day in almost every town? If we really wanted to, could we change things?

People just don't seem to care enough about the bad things in life. People care about themselves, their family and friends, how much money they are making, and their own life. Nobody cares about the people who get the short end of the stick. Nobody cares about the people who need help. "Let the government take care of them," they say. "Rich people can contribute money to charity, because I want to buy some new golf clubs." Nobody is willing to be the benefactor. If people would just take the initiative to care, things could change. ?

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i love this so much!