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One Day

May 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Walking down an iced street in below-freezing weather at 4 A.M., I was covered up as much as a Southern girl in Washington, D.C. knew how. The date was January 20, 2009; a date that will forever be a significant one in history because that day, President-elect Barack Obama was sworn in as President Obama. As I was walking down the chilled street with 40 of my classmates, the streets were suddenly filled with hundreds of thousands of people walking towards the capitol building where the President would be sworn into office. I was suddenly hit with this overwhelming anxiousness and wanting to hear this one man speak because to everyone else, this is a man with power and someone who promised change for our country. I will never forget the faces and posture of the people that surrounded us as we waited for this one man’s speech. Everyone was dead silent, no word was uttered around us when this man spoke, and that shows how much faith people have in one man. This day forever changed my life because it is one that I can look back on and see the influence and power that someone can have over a country because of the innovative ideas that can change a nation, like President Obama has and is doing.

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