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Environment Contest

February 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Our environment has provided us with such beautiful sights, sounds, and smells. Our world is a beautiful place. It is one of a kind. Its problem is the pollution it is receiving from housing all humans. This problem has been pushed back and kept under our breath for too long.

The powers of the world should devote money to the research of alternate fueling for cars. The world has over six billion people inhabiting it. A very large percent of that six billion drive cars. The atmosphere is severely damaged by fuel emissions and discovering an alternate, cleaner fuel will eliminate one of the many problems we have caused for the Earth.

Please recycle. Many have read and heard that saying numerous times throughout their life. Yet, as many times as we may encounter that in a day, where are the recycling bins? Public places such as schools, malls, restaurants, beaches and parks lack an option to recycle. Many people do not go out of their way to keep goods that are able to be recycled if there is not readily a recycling bin around.

Education is powerful. Cleaning the world is a long term project. One person makes a difference. Tell your friends, family and community what they can do to get involved.

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