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July 6, 2010
By montana PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
montana PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
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Sometimes I feel so alone. People pass, people come and go. I never feel like I have anyone always there: meaning 24/7 or all day long. No security blanket. I have my parents but I share them. Its like i'm a tight rope walker and I have no net. I have three brothers (two are the problem) and sometimes I feel so lost and left out. They aren't nice and when they are that never sticks. Its just to get what they want. Its always about them never me and as the only sister I go out of my way to shift focus on to them. They have to have the last word, and the befriend all my friends. It is just weird annoying and stupid. They give you complsults and they drive you crazy. No one really can feel the way I do about this. They talk back to my parents and they are rotten. But I ALWAYS OVERLOOK IT. I take them to the pool play with them and what do I get? My oreo ruined by my brother. Stupid gross things thrown in my room, and no respect. You know how your supposed to be respected whether young or old? Its not fair. Yes I get it life is not fair but isn't most of that unfairness supposed to come from other people? Not family? I mean I get it they are going to act up once in a while but 24/7? I hate when they poke their dirty heads in my room and say obsessed. I am writing but they are too dumb to hear it. One of them always says "Don't talk to me!!!" In a really loud girly whiney insane person voice. So you know what I say "OK" and what next a repeat of the insane. So then it finally stops. One minute later "What are you doing?" "I thought you said for me not to talk to you." "STOP TALKING TO MEEEEEEE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!" Then I go upstairs to my room. 30 seconds later "You're obsessed!!"
"Get out of my room!" "No I can stay right here." I shut the door, and he starts knocking on it and opens it. Lunch.... Start the microwave he comes by and hits cancel. Ugh it is soo annoying just let me be already. I wish they'd just GROW UP AND BE NICE 70% OF THE TIME!!!!!

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