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Are We Obsessed With Updates?

November 13, 2009
By emika BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
emika BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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"Going to the mall..."
"With Katie!!"
"out... text!"
These frequently seen updates on social-networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are starting to get a little over the top. We have become obsessed with tracking where everyone is at any given time, and on the flip side, telling everyone where we are every second of the day. And if you happen to be in the car, or somewhere that does not have a computer,you can simply pull out your mobile phone and update from there. Many mobile phones and portable devices have Facebook and Twitter programs available. There is even a fully Twitter mobile device called the TwitterPeek ($99), and its only reason for existence is to post updates to your status and read others'. Gone are the days when cellphones were the only way to know what someone is up to. And long gone are the days when it was impossible to know what someone was up to unless you saw them. This is a new era, and devices and people are adjusting to it. For example, on Facebook, there are groups for High School classes of the 70s and 80s that coexist with groups for high school students now. Most of America has a Facebook, and sometimes it is great to reconnect with a lost friend and see what they are doing now. Parents are friends with their children, friends, and relatives. Many people may friend people that they do not know, simply because they are a friend of a friend. This brings up the issue whether or not these networking sites are safe. Do you really want people you barely, or don't, know knowing where you are 90% of the time? If you barely know someone you can put security on your page to hide some information that may be private. Another solution is to not put private things on public sites. Why should we care where everyone else is? And why should they care where you are? Even though people post their statuses, we don't have to read them. I say mind our own businesses, and don't let others help with the minding.

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torka said...
on Nov. 19 2009 at 3:50 pm
Good point!