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Our Superficial Society

July 6, 2010
By princess6 GOLD, Berwyn, Illinois
princess6 GOLD, Berwyn, Illinois
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One day I was watching television and I came across a beautiful girl with the perfect body and flawless skin, I soon realized that I was picking out her best features, that I wanted, and was putting down my own features, which wasn’t right. Most of us have at least heard the saying “It’s not what’s in the outside that matters, but what’s in the inside is what matters“, at least once in our life,. This saying may be true, but our society has made us believe that the outside matters a lot. Many girls read magazines and see those beautiful air brushed models, they want to become that dream girl…that doesn’t exist, and some will take drastic measures…to become that size zero girl. Even if it means becoming anorexic. Our media is full of beautiful, size zero girls, but they fail to realize that most regular teenage girls don’t look like that. In our society the first impression is what matters they judge us by our exterior, forcing some young girls to feel self-conscience about themselves. A girls self-esteem is one of the most easiest things to break, they are already judging themselves to harshly , and the media doesn’t help them at all, seeing perfect models, only makes them wish they looked like that. We have to emphasize to teenage girls that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. Beauty comes from within, but the media and our society don’t help the cause, they are creating the “perfect girl” that doesn’t exist. Now a days we are judged to harshly on just our physical appearance, some people don’t even take our personality in consideration, which is sad and unfortunate. We can not stop the media from putting out airbrushed pictures of perfect models, but we can stop being so influenced by them, and realizing that we are beautiful in our own way. Yes it may take time, but by doing this we will create a more confident, and strong generation.

The author's comments:
"Beauty comes from within"

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jawad said...
on Jul. 7 2011 at 1:59 pm
Although there might be not enough reaserch for the topic to expand. It really didn't need much, since you knew how to size it perfectly like a zero-sized girl model. The article seems perfect. I really liked it. Good job! Keep it up!