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The Easy Doubts

March 28, 2010
By maybeshannon DIAMOND, Keller, Texas
maybeshannon DIAMOND, Keller, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"you just can't recreate stupid." --jacobbbb
"i just saw the picture of epicness... M&M guitar!!" --kevin brown
"our love is so dumbbb" --sean kingston
"if perfect's what you're searchin' for then just stay the same" --bruno mars <333 =]

When I walk your way and catch your eye, why do you always look down?
When I look at you and flash a smile, why do you always frown?
When I talk to you, why do you pull up an argument and playfully fight
about things that shouldn't be teased about? It makes me stay up at night
worrying about the next day, what I could say for you to see
that I guess all their stories were right: first love ain't all that easy.
That's my point! This is my first time! I can't expect to be perfect,
and I know I can't expect you to be... I don't know... It's just that...
You smile at me and lean in close, but, please, I'm just not ready.
Don't move this whole thing along too fast. Let's keep it slow and steady.
You're my first, so this is all new, I guess I'll just love and learn.
Please don't make me feel like I'm not enough; just give me somewhere to turn.
Don't think I don't care, don't take this wrong, after all, I'm just saying.
My arms are still here, by my side, not around you, 'cause I'm still waiting...

The author's comments:
I wish I could tell him, but then he'll think I want it to end. Believe me, I don’t.
He'll think because I told him, I'll break up with him or something. I won't.
Its just he moves to fast. I can’t keep up with everything he wants to do.
I don't know how to tell him that I'm not the kind of girl, who

wants everything to happen within the same week;
who wants to sit together and hug, then maybe a kiss on the cheek.
No, I'm not ready yet; I just want a boy friend,
someone who'll be there for me, until the end.

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