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November 28, 2018
By Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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No! I will not bow to your iron fist.

Crack my bones,

Make my scars deeper, 

Through me onto the solid ground,

and walk all over me...but I will not bow down!

My line of sight will never see your hideous feet,

My neck will never be open to the sunlight above,

and I would rather my spine break

than have to bend over like a dog for you.

Take away my love, my hope, my faith...

but you will never take away my honor.

You think you have power,

well then I feel sorry for you.

You fool yourself into thinking you are a god,

but you are nothing but a pebble in someone else's shoe.

So lock me away, torture me, kill me...

I no longer care because no matter what you do

the only time my body will be on the ground for you

is when I am drowning in my own blood.

The author's comments:

Without honor we have nothing.

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