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Dangerous Game

December 13, 2021
By Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
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we are all born with a divine fire in us. our effort should be to give wings to this fire.

Hey again

it's me

you already forgotten

Well I'm back

stronger than before 

cuase I got it

down to the bones

and the ridges

you never see me comin

I am a curse

but before a blessin

you called I came

no more


I am gonna play my dangerous game

you like fortune 

Well I don't

spit it out cut it down

you spending

I playing that game 

life ain't the dice you rollin

I ain't gonna do it

your words are full of it

and i ain't gonna take it

the rage that fills me

it;s poisonous 

i like it

you take it and take it

until you realize the game 

its dangerous the lives you be takin

roll that dice 

cuase you ain't escaping that game 

its a prison filled with poison

hope you love it 

cause i ain't playing 

i am gonna live 

can't stand it

well too bad 

this game you played 

its childish

the one that they call dangerous

its poison

and I am done cryin

while the chains tighten

cuase i heard the bell

and i am done

no more of your poison

cuase i am free

and happy

and you are nothing

to the world outside of the walls you built around me

that is no longer the game i am playing

The author's comments:

I wrote this to say break away from abusive people if your around them or toxic people. be happy always!

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