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Praying for October

August 30, 2009
By Poe_poe SILVER, DeMotte, Indiana
Poe_poe SILVER, DeMotte, Indiana
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I’ve never been so scared to lay in my own bed,
To fall asleep during the night.
Your face haunts my dreams.
All my wants and desires seem within reach until my eyes open and I realize im right back where I started.

I can feel your skin against mine, every single breath you take.
Your arms wrap around my body and I feel my heart begin to race.
I’ve longed for your lips to taste mine.
I get what my heart desires until I open my eyes to an empty room,
And your gone.

I’ve never wanted anything so bad, I’ve never wanted anyone so bad.
To be able to say your name without regret, To be able to hear your voice.
I’ll take back all the days I turned the other way, because now im trying so hard to remember everything you said.

Your voice rings in my head like a beautiful song composed my the beats of my heart.
Without a thought I would trust you with everything I had,
With everything I got.
Within time your love faded away, and you left me with the thoughts to hold onto,
With these memories that are hanging on a string
All I can do is lay on this bed, Rest my dreary head on this pillow.
Praying that god will take me away to a better place where I wont wake up with the feeling of loneliness.
Praying to god to take me back to the past, Back to the October were our love first began.

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