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The Plant Killer

April 30, 2022
By jonathanhernan3z GOLD, Southborough, Massachusetts
jonathanhernan3z GOLD, Southborough, Massachusetts
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They call me the plant killer, 

When I walk by trees, their spines shiver, 

Dandelions cower when I lurk by them in the garden,

Tulips become filled with terror as I scan for my next victum.

Many have succumbed to my malicious tendnancies over the years,

Drowned by oceans of water, 

Then left to thirst for months, barren of water and deprived of food,

They are locked up so long that they forget the lively warmth of the sun.

When I approach the plant shoppes, they know to be weary,

For I am the plant killer and killing plants is what I do best.

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