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A World Destroyed

September 26, 2022
By Aubreyb2023 SILVER, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Aubreyb2023 SILVER, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
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It’s a land far away
Like many stories begin
This one however is different
With an unexpected end

Because this land far away
Only few got to see
So ill tell it to you
From my memory

Grass green as emeralds
And skies so blue
Sun shining brightly
Trees much taller than you

Grass wet with dewdrops
From fresh morning fog
The day starts early
With the croak of a frog

Perhaps a few clouds
In a sky so blue
Filled with birds
Looking down on you

The sun golden yellow
It’s shining bright
Blocked only by birds
Flying far from sight

Trees so tall
They touch the sky
As if calling to you
Climb way up high

Leaves falling softly
And petals too
Landing on the ground
Right next to you

A field of flowers
A pond so clear
A tree of larks
A meadow of deer

However so quiet
This oasis stays
Something is coming
To ruin its days

This field of flowers
Blue, pink, and white
Yellow and red, so green
And so bright

Crushed by machines
Big, bad, and bold
Leaves the flowers
So bare and cold

The pond so clear
Filled with oil and gunk
From a big machines
Long smoky trunk

The tree of larks
Cut down so quick
For what reason?
To build up brick

The meadow of deer
Long gone by far
The only ones left
Were hit by a car

The oasis was quiet
Oh how quaint
But now its bustling
The woods are faint

There is now a coffee shop
Where the great willow stood
There are cars
And no more wood

Brick, stone, and rock
Replaced the old place
And maybe you’ll see it
If you stare into space

But this place i describe
Is no longer there
It’s replaced by people
Who no longer care

The author's comments:

A poem to showcase the beauty destroyed by humans when industrializing and building cities.

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