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A Letter To Our Parents

September 26, 2022
By Aubreyb2023 SILVER, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Aubreyb2023 SILVER, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
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A shoutout to all the parents
Raising their kids in this world
Paying for food, and clothes, and rents
And keeping us safe from the cold

Parents we appreciate you
And please try to understand
We’re grateful in all you’ve shown us
For taking us by the hand

But you hurt us sometimes 
Thinking nothing of our feelings
You scream and yell at us
Forgetting we’re human beings

There are certain things we understand
Like getting home from work tired
And we try lending a hand
But you dont see all that has transpired

You have work and chores and bills to pay
We have school and work and sports all day
We get home and eat dinner
Wondering when the load will be thinner

We eat our food, do our chores
Get ready for bed, and shower
We do homework and study till our eyes are sore
We work until there’s no willpower

We rest for a time
Peacefully so
Then wake on a dime
Get ready to go

Our day starts over
You’re already gone
Left before the hour
At the crack of dawn

You get home around four
You throw your bags down
Inside the door
And let your face frown

We get home around seven
After school and soccer
We’re up till eleven
You say were not a talker

But were too tired to talk
Much too tired to think
Or go for a walk
We are one the brink

Of leaving behind
All we love
Of being kind
And giving hugs

We are so tired
We are so sore
At times we think
“I cant do it anymore”

But do not worry
And do not fear
We couldn’t leave this world
Couldn’t leave you here

We cannot rest
Or take a break
We keep on smiling
Though its fake

The author's comments:

A poem about the high expectations and pressures parents put on their children

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