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Christmas Spirit

November 29, 2022
By Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
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                                                              Is time

                                                             To let go

                                                           Of the past

                                                          And move on,

                                                        To the future. You

                                                     Don’t Have to do it by

                                                  Yourself anymore You have

                                              The help of everyone around you.

                                            Everyone around you is there to help

                                         Because everyone at some point and time

                                          Needs help. This is the time of the year

                                       where everyone no matter what, will forgive

                                  and sometimes even forget about the wrong doings.

                                Everyone needs to show a little Christmas spirit because

                                  That’s what the season of giving is all about. No one

                               Needs to be out in the cold. Everyone should have a place

                          To call their own, and a family to welcome them in from the cold.

                      This time year people seem to forget the season of giving and being with

                 The ones you love and hold most dear. Even if that means welcoming a stranger

            Into your home so that they may warm themselves and feel the Christmas spirit because

                                                        That is what Christmas is

                                                          Really about. It is the

                                                           Time for giving and

                                                            Being with the ones

                                                             You love the most.

                                                               That is the true

                                                                   Meaning of



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