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Things Are Going to Be All Right

September 10, 2009
By wordweaver96 PLATINUM, Winchester, Kentucky
wordweaver96 PLATINUM, Winchester, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
" It is not our abilities but our choices that show who we truly are. "
Albus Dumbledore

See, we really DON'T have anything to fear but fear itself!

In this life
Always filled with worry
It's so hard to stop,
Be grateful,
And for once -
Not hurry

But if we don't
What will we do
With all the stress and work piled in?
Just gripe even more than we usually do?

So sit
Just stop
Breathe and don't be such a pessimist
Life's much easier when you go with the flow
Because in the end
Things are going to be all right

The author's comments:
I wrote this beacause things are tough for my family, but I know we'll make it through it okay. I think others can relate to it, no matter what their situation.

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