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The old you

January 1, 2010
By taylor11 GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
taylor11 GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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i hate when i look at things that remind me of you
i do it on purpose to see you again
i want to go back in time
i miss you i really do
but why cant you be the old you
but now you turned into someone i hate
i make fun of you just so you can feel that hurt that i survived
i wonder what youre doing
i wonder where you are
while im sitting here laughing about the stupid things that you made me do
i find myself looking back into old times
where i would lie in your arms
no worries
just the thoughts of my happy bliss
with the one i cared about most
i know that i write about you all the time
thats just me trying to get you to be with me once again
you broke up with me NINE times
i couldnt take the hint
could you do it a tenth?
i dont care what you do to me
just knowing that im with you is all i need
im breaking down for you
when i walk in the halls and see you walking with that other girl
nobody knows what i do after
go to the bathroom sit in a stall
curl up like a ball
i cant say it enough
i love you
i cant say your name
i see it everywhere
you are everything to me
i try to speak to you
you never respond
a typical guy
what do you want from us
thats all i ask
im done with what i call love
it has hurt me too much
im leaving
hopefully i wont stop breathing.

The author's comments:
dont think im emo
im not calling out guys
these are just the guys that i know
they've all done this to me

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