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What Would You See

February 7, 2010
By kazuntai101 BRONZE, Winnipeg, Other
kazuntai101 BRONZE, Winnipeg, Other
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if you stepped
on a plane
and it took you
to where you didn’t want to go

if you travelled
to a place
where they bury the truth
bolt their doors
cover their windows
and shiver in the night

if you walked
along a sandy street
while dark eyes
thirsting for hunger
follow your figure
into the dust

if you slipped
through closed doors
found wailing
and pain
a cold, ashen gray
hope seeping through cracks
in the floorboards
only to rest
in a silent grave
never to rise

if you passed
by a person
dirty and ragged
torn and alone
calloused, weather-beaten hands
held out in pleading

if you took my heart
in your hand
pried it open
and looked inside


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